Chapter 4770: Lord Sectmaster (Teaser)

Chapter 4770: Lord Sectmaster

It was a simple move, but it showcased the formidable prowess of the Hidden Dragon Elders. 

Chu Feng’s instinct was spot-on. The power of the Blackwater Sixfinger Lake might be enough to suppress Protector Qi, but it wasn’t enough to deal with the Hidden Dragon Elders.

This wasn’t due to the Blackwater Sixfinger Lake’s formation being weak but that Chu Feng was unable to fully control it due to the limits of his cultivation. After all, he was just a beneficiary of the formation and not the sect founder himself.

After severing the light rope, Li Fengxian tossed out yet another rope to tie Protector Qi up. He was really intending to drag Protector Qi over to the...

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