Chapter 4768: I Call the Shots (Teaser)

Chapter 4768: I Call the Shots

The Blackwater Sixfinger Lake only opened once every five years. Outside of that, it was usually sealed off by a barrier, disallowing anyone from coming close. Fortunately, the barrier was transparent, allowing on to view its true form even when the location wasn’t open.

The calamity looming over the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect veiled the sky above with dark clouds, making it absolutely dark whenever night descended. The lack of light source in the Blackwater Sixfinger Lake meant that other than the vague outlines of its six towering peaks, there was hardly anything that could be seen at all.

However, at this very moment, the six peaks of the Blackwater Sixfinger Lake were currently glowing as brightly as the sun, radiating light into the surroundings. The night sky became so bright that it looked as if a new day was already before them. Even the dark clouds above were enveloped by the white light.

This was almost...

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