Chapter 4766: Xia Yan’s Tolerance (Teaser)

Chapter 4766: Xia Yan’s Tolerance

Xia Yan had grown up in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. She was dubbed as a prodigy from a young age, and her background was formidable too. 

There were many important figures who bore great expectations of her and doted on her. Even in a place like the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, she was treated like a lofty princess.

Due to that, those around her tended to fawn on her, sometimes even fearing her.

Xia Yan had always been frustrated about how she could never find a friend whom she could really give her heart out to as she couldn’t tell who was being sincere to her. 

However, when she was sixteen, she finally found a friend who treated her earnestly. That friend was of the same age as her too, and she was brought into the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect at a young age due to her...

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