Chapter 4763: This Is a Misunderstanding (Teaser)

Chapter 4763: This Is a Misunderstanding

“Big sis, that Chu Feng knows that I’m your younger brother, but he still dared to make a move on me!” Xia Ran exclaimed tearfully.

“He dares to make a move on you despite knowing that you’re my younger brother? The galls of him!” 

Xia Yan was infuriated to hear those words, but she didn’t lose her rationality. Instead, she began asking, “How did the conflict between the two of you happen? Were you the one who started the fight?”

“Of course not! Big sis, you know what kind of person I am. I’ve always treated others kindly, so when have I ever gotten into a conflict with others on my own accord? My grudge with Chu Feng stemmed from…”

Xia Ran began recounting to Xia Yan the grudges between him and Chu Feng. Of course, he selectively chose the details of the story so as to make him out to be the reasonable one here whereas Chu Feng was an irredeemable villain.

His words shocked all of the sp...

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