Chapter 4746: The Arrogant Nangong Yuliu

Chapter 4746: The Arrogant Nangong Yuliu

Two contrasting sights occurred. Nangong Yuliu’s face immediately darkened in anger whereas Zhao Shi’s face paled in fright.

“Senior Nangong, Junior Chu Feng doesn’t mean that!”

Seeing that things were turning awry, Zhao Shi quickly stepped forward and attempted to explain on Chu Feng’s behalf.


However, Nangong Yuliu waved his sleeves and landed a resounding slap on Zhao Shi’s face. At the same time, he released his aura, fully displaying his cultivation as a rank nine Utmost Exalted level cultivator.

He had indeed made a breakthrough in his recent closed-door training.

“Zhao Shi, are you really Li Muzhi’s lackey? How dare you talk back to me! Are you even worthy of addressing me?” 

Nangong Yuliu glared at Zhao Shi, treating the latter as if she was some maid instead of a personal disciple.

“Senior Nangong, I have no intention of rebutting you. It’s just that…”

Despite being struck in public, Zhao Shi didn’t lose her temper at all. Instead, she continued explaining with a subservient attitude.


But while Zhao Shi was explaining, the crackling of lightning suddenly sounded behind her. Everyone turned their gazes over, only to be shocked by what they saw.

A Lightning Mark had appeared on top of Chu Feng’s forehead, and his body was cloaked in Lightning Armor. 

“This fellow! He’s actually able to use both the Lightning Mark and the Lightning Armor despite only being at Utmost Exalted level?”

“No, that’s not right. What’s wrong with his aura? Isn’t he supposed to be only a sixth rank Utmost Exalted level cultivator?”

“His cultivation actually reached rank nine Utmost Exalted level after using the Lightning Mark and Lightning Armor… Doesn’t that mean that his cultivation has already reached rank seven Utmost Exalted level?”

“Wait a moment, is it possible that the phenomenon earlier on was caused by him?”

The crowd had complicated looks on their faces upon sensing Chu Feng’s aura. They had already heard rumors about his Lightning Mark and Lightning Armor, but his current cultivation had surpassed their expectations.

They couldn’t help but recall the terrifying phenomenon they had seen earlier, and that jolted their hearts greatly. The phenomenon was simply too frightening that it rattled them up greatly.

However, Chu Feng couldn’t care less about their current thoughts. There was fury burning in his eyes, and they were directed at one person—Nangong Yuliu.

“Junior Chu Feng, calm down for a moment!”

Zhao Shi quickly rushed toward Chu Feng and held him tightly, not wanting him to make a move.

“What’s with your gaze? Are you intending to make a move against me?”

Even though Chu Feng’s cultivation had reached rank nine Utmost Exalted level as well, Nangong Yuliu didn’t think much of him. His eyes were still filled with scorn, showing that he thought little of the other party.

“For hitting a woman for no reason, you deserve to die,” Chu Feng said.

“Very well, give it a try then. I would like to see which of us is going to die today!” Nangong Yuliu replied disdainfully.

“Junior Chu Feng, calm down! You mustn’t make a move here!”

Zhao Shi grabbed onto Chu Feng even tighter as she knew that things would be extremely disadvantageous to Chu Feng if he were to start the fight here. 

“If you dare not do it, just say so. If you really want a fight, would Zhao Shi be able to stop you?” Nangong Yuliu sneered.

“Senior Zhao, you were slapped due to me, so I must get it back for you. Don’t blame me for this,” Chu Feng said as he pushed Zhao Shi away.

“Hold it right there!”

All of a sudden, a figure rushed forward and blocked Chu Feng’s path. He was no other than Li Muzhi. He grabbed Chu Feng’s wrist tightly, stopping the latter from making a move.

“Nangong Yuliu, as a personal disciple, don’t you feel embarrassed for picking on a junior who has just joined our sect not too long ago?”

Lu Long also soon appeared on the scene too.

“Lu Long, how in the world am I picking on a junior here? It’s that insolent Chu Feng who showed an utter lack of respect for his seniors that tried to stir a fight,” Nangong Yuliu sneered.

“You were the one who provoked me earlier and slapped Senior Zhao. Someone of you isn’t worthy of respect,” Chu Feng remarked.

Li Muzhi and Lu Long quickly understood the situation. Based on their understanding of Nangong Yuliu, they were much more inclined to trust Chu Feng’s words.

Li Muzhi patted Chu Feng’s shoulders and said, “Junior Chu Feng, leave this matter to me.”

“Li Muzhi, are you intending to teach me a lesson on Chu Feng’s behalf? It just so happens that I was looking for you too. It’s about time for you to hand over your position as a Hidden Dragon Disciple!” Nangong Yuliu said.

“If you want to challenge me, you could have just chosen a date and send a challenge letter openly. I would be more than willing to accept your challenge. However, you have gone overboard by striking Senior Zhao, and you have to give me an explanation for that. Right now, apologize to Senior Zhao!” Li Muzhi said.

“You want me to apologize to Zhao Shi? What are you going to do if I refuse?” Nangong Yuliu sneered.

With a wave of his sleeves, a streak of light darted toward Li Muzhi. The latter raised his hand to grab the streak of light, only to notice that it was a letter.

“Here is the challenge letter. Three days from now, I’ll be officially challenging you on the Hidden Dragon Combat Ring for your Hidden Dragon Disciple position.”

After saying those words, he turned to Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, did you think that Li Muzhi would be able to shield you? He’s already in a difficult position himself. Don’t even think that you’ll become a second Dugu Lingtian just because you have broken his record once. It’s nothing more than mere luck. Did you really think that you’re a real prodigy?”

“I, Chu Feng, has never said that I’m a prodigy, but it’s a fact that it’s my name—and not yours—that is being inscribed on the Snowy Heavenly Peak. Instead of wasting your breath on meaningless provocations, why don’t you head there and try to change that name to yours? That would have been a much better way to boost your ego,” Chu Feng sneered in response.

“What a joke! You think that you’re everything just because you broke a record. It’s all mere luck! Don’t say that I’m not giving you a chance to get even! The Blackwater Sixfinger Lake is going to open very soon, and there’s Dugu Lingtian’s record there too. If you can break the record, I’ll apologize to Zhao Shi and allow her to slap me back ten times. However, if you aren’t able to do so, I’ll send you a tablet which you are to carry on you no matter where you go,” Nangong Yuliu sneered.

“Junior Chu, this is a small matter. I’m fine.”

Zhao Shi quickly spoke up, not wanting Chu Feng to accept this bet.

“Chu Feng, aren’t you intending to stand up for Zhao Shi? I’m giving you an opportunity here, but are you backing down out of fear here?” Nangong Yuliu asked.

“Very well, I’ll accept your challenge,” Chu Feng replied.

“At least you have guts. Since that’s the case, I shall prepare the tablet right away. You should also prepare yourself too, for you’ll be wearing my tablet no matter where you go in the future. You can’t be blessed with good luck forever.”

Leaving those words behind, Nangong Yuliu turned around and left.

Lu Long walked over to Chu Feng’s side and exclaimed, “Junior Chu Feng, you’re too reckless! Lord Dugu Lingtian’s record can’t possibly be broken that easily, so how could you accept that request?” 

“I can’t let Senior Zhao get slapped for nothing, right?” Chu Feng replied.

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