Chapter 4744: Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Quarters

Chapter 4744: Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Quarters

“This is really weird. Why would the supporting formation single a person out and only limit its support for mental processing enhancement formations? Such a thing has never happened before! Junior Chu Feng, don’t worry. I’ll ask my grandfather about this matter. He might have a solution for this,” Li Muzhi said.

He could tell that Chu Feng really needed help from the supporting formation. 

“Thank you for your help, Senior Li.”

Chu Feng didn’t reject Li Muzhi’s goodwill since this was indeed something important to him.

“Senior Li, how is Yu Ting doing at the moment?” Chu Feng suddenly asked.

This was something that he was very concerned about.

“Heh, I knew that you would ask about this. Don’t worry, Yu Ting is doing fine. My grandfather kept her in our residence under the name of punishing her, but in truth, we’re training her. She’s currently in closed-door training at the moment. Once she’s out, I’ll bring her over to you,” Li Muzhi said.

“I really don’t know how to thank you for your help,” Chu Feng said.

He didn’t expect Lord Li Fengxian to not only spare Yu Ting from punishment but even take care of her. He felt that Li Fengxian was doing him a favor here by taking care of Yu Ting, so naturally, he felt extremely grateful to him.

After all, this was one of the things which he was the most worried about. 

“You need not thank me. Junior Chu Feng, we didn’t know each other well in the past, so it’s only normal for misunderstandings to arise between us. However, we should be able to be considered as friends now.

“I, Li Muzhi, do have quite a bit of reputation in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. If anyone tries to make things difficult for you, you can put my name out and say that you’re my brother. If anyone still dares to trouble you, I’ll head there personally to demand an explanation from them!” Li Muzhi thumped his chest as he said.

“Senior Li, I’ve taken your goodwill to heart. Similarly, if you ever require help, feel free to ask me. As long as it’s within my abilities, I’ll give it all I got,” Chu Feng replied. 

“Junior Chu Feng, I’ll take your words for it then. Ah, speaking of which, our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect has five other supporting formations. Of them, one of them is in our sectmaster’s private territory and three is in the other halls, so it might be hard for you to access those. However, one is located in the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Hall, and there’s a mental enhancement formation there that is set up by a group of elders.

“You should head there and give it a try. Perhaps, the supporting formation there wouldn’t suffer from the same problem,” Li Muzhi said.


Actually, Chu Feng did have such intentions in mind. After all, his number one priority at the moment was to unlock the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor.

So, Li Muzhi, Lu Long, and the other four personal disciples headed over to the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Hall together with Chu Feng.

As its name suggested, the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Hall was a place for the disciples of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect to practice new martial skills. It was divided into three levels. 

The first level was accessible to all disciples, the second level was limited to personal disciples and Hidden Dragon Disciples, and the third level could only be accessed by Hidden Dragon Disciples.

Fortunately, the supporting formation was located at the first level, so Chu Feng could access it without any trouble.

Chu Feng was able to gain some understanding of the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Hall from Li Muzhi’s explanation, but even so, he still ended up underestimating the scale of it.

The Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Hall was located at the peak of a mountain that stood alone in the midst of a forest, reminiscent of a grand tower amidst the clouds.

There was a formation in the clouds that prevented Chu Feng from seeing through it with his spirit power. Unless he were to scale to its top, he wouldn’t be able to see the true face of the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Hall.

There was also a pressure around the mountain that prevented one from flying up to it. One had to take the winding stairs around the mountain in order to access the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Hall.

It would have surely been toiling for any ordinary human to scale such a tall mountain, but for Chu Feng and the others, this was no more than a walk in the park. It would have only taken them only an instant to dash from the bottom of the mountain to the peak. 

But surprisingly, all of those walking to and fro the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Hall didn’t hasten their footsteps at all. They were walking at a leisurely pace.

According to Li Muzhi, this was a sign of respect toward the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Hall. Since this was a convention, Chu Feng and the others had no choice but to heed it.

While it did delay them by quite a bit, overall, Chu Feng still enjoyed the atmosphere of the hike. There was a huge crowd on the winding path, but amazingly, there was no din at all. Those who walked by them would simply bow slightly to Li Muzhi before walking away.

Other than footsteps, there was hardly any voice to be heard at all. Those who had to speak would choose to lower their voice to less than a whisper.

The symbolism of this was obvious to Chu Feng even without anyone explaining it to him. It was simply a sign of respect from the disciples to this location.

The Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Hall was a place where legacies from the preceding generations were passed down, so it could be said to be a sacred place for the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

That being said, it was still inevitable that Chu Feng and Li Muzhi would still garner quite a bit of stares along the way. No one said a thing at all, but their expressions were more than enough to tell Chu Feng that they were gossiping discreetly amongst themselves.

There were even some who used voice transmission to greet Chu Feng as well, asking him if he was the new disciple who broke Lord Dugu Lingtian’s record.

Clearly, Chu Feng’s reputation was growing larger and larger, and it wouldn’t be long before he became a figure whom no one knew not of in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

However, perhaps it was due to Li Muzhi’s presence too, most of the voice transmission and gazes Chu Feng received had been rather amicable. There was no hostility directed toward him.

This was the first time Chu Feng saw such a harmonious sight to the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

At the top of the mountain, Chu Feng found himself faced not with a hall but a massive spirit formation gate. This spirit formation gate stood at over ten thousand meters in height, and there was no particular decoration or ornament on it. Nevertheless, its sheer size still gave it quite a majestic presence. 

There was a stone tablet placed horizontally above the spirit formation gate that wrote ‘Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Hall’. By passing through the spirit formation gate, Chu Feng and the others finally arrived at their destination.

It was like a whole new world before them. 

The first thing that Chu Feng saw with his eyes upon passing through the spirit formation gate was an ocean. There was a sea breeze, and waves were crashing down.

The ocean stretched far and wide, seemingly having no end in sight… and this was no other than the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Hall.

Chu Feng could sense that the supporting formation was located in the water, or to be more exact, the entire ocean itself was the supporting formation.

At the heart of the supporting formation, there was a staircase that rose to the sky, leading toward the second level of the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Hall.

On top of that, there were also massive fluorescences floating on the surface of the ocean. Its light was reminiscent of fireflies, but they were sized like watermelons, floating quietly as if they had lives of their own.

These fluorescences were the martial skills and secret arts of the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Hall.

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