Chapter 4740: Failure (Teaser)

Chapter 4740: Failure

“Life life life, all you know is to put your life on the line! Are you even worthy of betting your life against Senior Xu?”

The others quickly spoke up for Xu Langzhi upon seeing that the latter was unable to argue against Chu Feng, though they only dared to speak up against Chu Feng because Li Muzhi clearly reserved some reservations toward Chu Feng’s suggestion.

This made them think that Li Muzhi wasn’t fond of Chu Feng either. The only reason why he wasn’t rejecting the idea was only because he was the one who had invited Chu Feng over and was sparing him some face. They felt that they could win Li Muzhi’s approval if they were to speak up against Chu Feng at a time like this.

Their doubts were further affirmed...

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