Chapter 4739: Doubt (Teaser)

Chapter 4739: Doubt

“What are you laughing at? There’s no man who doesn’t love a beauty, and Junior Chu Feng does have the right to participate in the selections.”

Sensing that the atmosphere was a bit off, he quickly tried to bring the matter over with a joking tone.

Li Muzhi’s words clearly wielded some weight. Despite his joking tone, the others reined in their smiles right away.

“Junior Chu Feng, did Senior Lu tell you what we’re doing?” Li Muzhi asked.

“Yes, Senior Lu has told me about it, and I’ve taken a look at your formation too. Senior Li, the reason why you haven’t been able to succeed thus far is due to the formation you’ve constructed. It’s far too conservative. If you were to dispel the second layer of formation you have built up, you will be able...

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