Chapter 4738: The One Who Mocked

Chapter 4738: The One Who Mocked

“Vicious Beast Hellworld is a place where the Hidden Dragon Disciples and the personal disciples cultivate, opening once every year. The bones of the beasts in there harness natural energies, and some of them even have martial comprehension inscribed on them. By killing these beasts, a cultivator would be able to use them as cultivation resources. 

“Of course, the gains differ based on how strong the beasts are. The treasure Junior Li is forging uses a plant called the Demonsoul Grass in the Vicious Beast Hellworld. This plant has the effect of casting an illusion over beasts. As long as he’s able to forge it into a treasure, he would be able to use it to control the stronger beasts. This way, he would be able to obtain far greater returns in the Vicious Beast Hellworld. 

“However, there’s an issue here. Only juniors are able to enter the Vicious Beast Hellworld, and the treasures forged by the elders wouldn’t be able to work its effects there. So, we can only gather the help of juniors in order to forge this treasure,” Lu Long explained the matter to Chu Feng.

By this point, Chu Feng had already gained some understanding of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. The personal disciples simply referred to some of the more outstanding disciples amongst the juniors. In order to attain that identity, they would have to clear tests and defeat the other personal disciples in order to take their place. 

All in all, there were only 100 personal disciples in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, and they were all second only to the Hidden Dragon Disciples.

So far, there was not a single junior in the North Tortoise Hall who had the title of a personal disciple. From this, it could be seen just how difficult it was to obtain this title.

The two of them continued chatting while rushing forward. Lu Long informed Chu Feng that there were a total of six supporting formations in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, and they were constructed by the sect founder.

There was one supporting formation that was shared by all disciples and elders, but the energy there was slightly weaker. The East Dragon Hall, West Tiger Hall, South Vermilion Hall, and North Tortoise Hall also had a supporting formation each, but they were all monopolized by an individual in each of the halls.

As for the final supporting formation, it was in the sectmaster’s residence. Needless to say, that supporting formation was also the strongest one of the six. 

“It seems like Lord Li Fengxian is quite a powerful figure even amongst the Hidden Dragon Elders,” Chu Feng remarked.

There might only be one supporting formation in the East Dragon Hall, but there was more than one Hidden Dragon Elder in the East Dragon Hall. Yet, the supporting formation had become Li Fengxian’s private property. Naturally, that wouldn’t have happened without reason.

“There’s no questioning Lord Li Fengxian’s strength. He’s one of the strongest elders of our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. However, it’s more of a stroke of luck that Lord Li Fengxian managed to obtain this residence. 

“There were many people who coveted this residence, but it would sully the harmony in the East Dragon Hall if they were to compete on the grounds of martial power. So, they decided to do it through a draw. It just so happens that Lord Li Fengxian managed to get it.”

Lu Long couldn’t help but chuckle a little as he explained the event, seemingly amused by the events unfolded. 

“I see. It looks like Lord Li Fengxian is a person with great luck.”

Chu Feng also chuckled as well. He didn’t expect a place as cutthroat as the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect would use such an amicable means to resolve such an important issue.

The further he ventured in, the more interested he was in the supporting formation. He realized that the spirit power harnessed inside the supporting formation was indeed very supportive. The more one understood about this formation, the greater the help one could obtain from it.

Chu Feng thought that if he could set up a formation here, he would be able to enhance his general understanding of formations. Perhaps, it might even provide him with some inspiration for unsealing the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor.

Finally, they arrived at where Li Muzhi was. He was accompanied by three guys and two girls.

According to Lu Long, they were all personal disciples and rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritists, same as Li Muzhi.

The formation they were constructing was located above the sea. From its sheer immense scale, it could be seen that they had prepared a long time for it. 

All of them were currently focused on channeling the formation to forge the treasure. Due to how focused they were, they hadn’t noticed Chu Feng and Lu Long’s arrival.

Chu Feng also didn’t wait for them to greet him either. He stared intently at the formation, scanning its details intently. 

An hour later, Li Muzhi and the others finally ran out of strength and halted the channeling. From how they quickly took out pill to restore their spirit power, it could be seen that they were only taking a quick respite before continuing on.

During this break, they naturally noticed Chu Feng and Lu Long’s presence too.

“Chu Feng, it really is you!” 

Lu Muzhi was surprised to see Chu Feng. He had heard of Chu Feng’s affairs, but he wasn’t sure if the latter was the one he knew. 

Chu Feng stepped forward and said, “Brother Li, thank you for sending Senior Lu to my help.”

Had it not been for Lu Long making a move, Chu Feng might have been put in a spot today.

“Help? What did he help you with?”

Li Muzhi turned to look at Lu Long in confusion.

“Junior Li, it’s like this…”

Lu Long quickly explained the matter.

As it turned out, Li Muzhi had tasked Lu Long to invite Chu Feng over upon hearing his affairs. He wanted to see if the Chu Feng was really the Chu Feng he knew. If so, he could get Chu Feng to help him on this matter. Otherwise, it wasn’t bad to get acquainted with a rising disciple either.

Lu Long headed over to the North Tortoise Hall to look for Chu Feng, only to hear that he had gone to the square where the news of Zi Ling’s matchmaking had been announced. When he arrived at the square, he saw Chu Feng being picked on, so he stepped forward to offer his help.

“Lord Sectmaster is planning to matchmake Junior Zi Ling? Is that true?”

However, those present weren’t concerned about how Lu Long helped Chu Feng. They were more interested in the news of Zi Ling’s matchmaking.

All this while, they had been focused on forging the treasure that they hadn’t been able to pay heed to what was happening around them.

“It is,” Lu Long replied.

“What does Lord Sectmaster intending? Does he intend to matchmake Zi Ling with Zuoqiu Youyu?” Li Muzhi remarked contemplatively.

The others also seemed to agree with his thoughts too.

It couldn’t be helped that they would think this way since Zuoqiu Youyu was the strongest one amongst the disciples in the sect, which meant that he was the most eligible one to become Zi Ling’s husband.

“That might not be necessarily the case. Have you forgotten that Lord Sectmaster has brought back a junior who was immediately ranked at the top of the HIdden Dragon Disciples? It seems more likely that he’s trying to bring the two of them together instead,” Lu Long said.

“Senior Lu, what you said makes sense. That might very well be the case. However, I’m curious who the person Lord Sectmaster brought back is for him to be so highly regarded.”

Li Muzhi nodded in agreement to Lu Long’s analysis.

“Junior Chu Feng also registered for the matchmaking?”

All of a sudden, a person carrying some freckles on his face turned to Chu Feng and asked.

Based on Lu Long’s introduction, Chu Feng knew that this guy is named Xu Langzhi. His cultivation was at rank eight Utmost Exalted level. While he wasn’t a Hidden Dragon Disciple, he was one of the stronger ones in the personal disciples.

“That’s right,” Chu Feng replied.


Unexpectedly, Xu Langzhi actually let out a burst of scornful laughter. The others, with the exception of Lu Long and Li Muzhi, also quickly followed suit as well.

The intent of their laughter was obvious. They were mocking Chu Feng for his ignorance and not knowing his place.

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