Chapter 4732: Hidden Dragon

Chapter 4732: Hidden Dragon

“What will come will eventually come,” Chu Feng replied, expressing his stance.

His composed and fearless response did leave the chief elder with a good impression, but at the same time, it made the latter worried too. It was good for youngsters to be hot-blooded, but being too hot-blooded wasn’t a good thing either. 

“Chu Feng, Xia Yan tends to lose her rationality when it comes to matters concerning Xia Ran, but she isn’t an unreasonable person. If she confronts you, it’ll be best for you not to push back too hard. Try to explain things to her amicably. I’ll get someone to help to mediate the matter too. If we can resolve it peacefully, it would be for the best,” the chief elder advised.

From the looks of it, it would appear that the chief elder was a little fearful of Xia Yan too.

This was perfectly normal too, especially since the connections Xia Yan had were figures whom the chief elder could only look up to.

“Thank you for your concern, chief elder. My reckless personality has really worried you,” Chu Feng said apologetically.

“You’re a disciple of our North Tortoise Hall, so I’ll do my best to protect you,” the chief elder replied with a smile before carrying on with the introduction of the Hidden Dragon Disciples.

“In the third place is Zuoqiu Yanliang, a disciple from the East Dragon Hall. His grandfather is the current vice sectmaster of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.”

Chu Feng couldn’t help but remark, “Yet another person with a solid background.”

“Indeed. However, it’s also due to his own talent and hard work that he managed to climb to this position. He had exhibited great aptitude from a young age, and he’s currently at rank three Martial Exalted level,” the chief elder said.

“What about the second place?” Chu Feng asked.

“The person in the second place used to be the strongest junior of our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. He’s from the East Dragon Hall too, and his name is Zuoqiu Youyu. He is Zuoqiu Yanliang’s blood-related brother, being two years younger than the latter, but his talent exceeds his older brother. He was still weaker than his older brother five years ago, but he has already managed to surpass him.”

“Has Zuoqiu Youyu reached rank four Martial Exalted level?” Chu Feng asked in astonishment.

He recalled how even the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief and most of the powerhouses he knew of were only at rank three Martial Exalted level. If Zuoqiu Youyu was at rank four Martial Exalted level, what would that mean?

While most people of the Holy Light Galaxy knew that the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was a formidable power, a huge majority of them thought that it was still beneath the Holy Light Clan. 

But looking back at it now, he finally understood why even the Holy Light Clan wasn’t qualified to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. It turned out that the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was really a terrifying place filled with monstrously talented individuals.

If even the juniors had already reached such a level, it was hard to imagine just how powerful the Hidden Dragon Elders, vice sectmaster, and even sectmaster would be.

“That’s no the case. Zuoqiu Youyu is actually at rank three Martial Exalted level, same as Zuoqiu Yanliang. There isn’t a huge gap in their strength, just that Zuoqiu Youyu surpasses Zuoqiu Yanliang in some aspects, and Zuoqiu Yanliang was willing to let his little brother be ranked higher than him too.

“Ah yes. These two brothers are also fond of Zi Ling too,” the chief elder said.

In other words, if Chu Feng was interested in Zi Ling, these two brothers would be Chu Feng’s love rivals—strong ones at that.

However, Chu Feng wasn’t too worried about that. He knew that Zi Ling wouldn’t care about those two since he was the only one in her heart.

As for the disparity in strength… it was true that he couldn’t compete with them at the moment, but he was confident that it was only a matter of time before he surpassed them.

“Chief elder, you mentioned earlier that Zuoqiu Youyu was the strongest junior in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, but he’s only in the second place now. What about the first place then?” Chu Feng asked.

“Just a few days ago, the sectmaster brought back a disciple. Before long, Zuoqiu Youyu was demoted to the second place, overtaken by that new disciple,” the chief elder said.

“What’s his name? What is his cultivation level?” Chu Feng asked.

“No one knows his name. Other than the vice sectmaster and Hidden Dragon Elders, no one else has seen him. The sectmaster took him away to train him as soon as he arrived in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. In any case, it appears that the sectmaster bears great expectations for him,” the chief elder said.

“Could it be that the sectmaster found an incredibly talented junior outside the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect?” Chu Feng asked.

“There are indeed such speculations going around. Some people guessed that Zi Ling had disappointed the sectmaster too much, so she decided to look for a new successor. If that’s the case, he really found the right person this time around. The fact that the disciple was able to take the top spot of the Hidden Dragon Disciples right after joining the sect showed that his cultivation was at rank three Martial Exalted level at the very minimum, perhaps even higher.

“What’s more important is that the title of ‘Hidden Dragon Disciple’ is a title which only juniors are entitled to, which shows that he’s still young at the moment. Of course, there are also those who speculate that he was already the sectmaster’s closed-door disciple right from the start, just that the sectmaster has been grooming him secretly, so no one knew about his existence.

“In any case, shortly after he was brought into the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, the sectmaster personally announced that he was the head of the Hidden Dragon Disciples. From that gesture itself, it can be seen how high the sectmaster thinks of him,” the chief elder said.

“To think that there would actually be such a figure in the sect…”

Chu Feng suddenly felt a little unconfident. He wasn’t sure whether this was a good thing or not.

The fact that the current head of the Hidden Dragon Disciples was favored by the sectmaster hinted at a conflict with Zi Ling. If that person was above Zi Ling in all aspects, the sectmaster might choose to devote his resources to grooming this person and let Zi Ling go since she wasn’t as important anymore. 

However, this could also mean that Zi Ling had already become replaceable. It was possible that the sectmaster might try to harm Zi Ling if he was still furious with what Zi Ling did.

Chu Feng felt that the possibility of the latter occurring was low, but it was still a worrying notion.

“It looks like you’re really curious about him too. It’s the same for us as well. The sectmaster should be coming out from her closed-door training now, and it’s likely that the new head of the Hidden Dragon Disciples would be officially introduced to us then,” the chief elder said.

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