Chapter 4724: Snowdomain Divine Palace?

Chapter 4724: Snowdomain Divine Palace?

Boom boom boom boom boom!

In the blink of an eye, the Exalted Taboo had already bombarded down on Chu Feng. However, to everyone’s shock, when the dust finally scattered, Chu Feng was actually unharmed!

The countless golden spears were stopped by a spherical manifestation of martial power right in front of Chu Feng.

Some of the golden spears had pierced through the spherical barrier, but they weren’t able to penetrate it fully. They were stuck in the middle of it.

“Martial power barrier. He actually blocked an Exalted Taboo Martial Skill with just a martial power barrier?”

Shocked exclamations sounded as everyone looked at Chu Feng in a different light. 

Martial power barrier was definitely not an advanced skill, which was why it was surprising that Chu Feng could fend against Xia Ran’s attack with just this much.

“What’s that?” Xia Ran asked.

“Looks like there’s something wrong with your eyes. Everyone else could tell that it’s a martial power barrier, but only you have difficulties recognizing it for what it is,” Chu Feng replied with a sneer.

“Ridiculous! How could a martial power barrier possibly stand against my rank one Exalted Taboo?” 

Xia Ran refused to believe it.

“Usually, that would be the case. Unless there’s a vast difference between the strength of the two cultivators. It’s similar to how a rat can hurt another rat with its bite, but do you think that a rat biting down on an elephant can cause it any harm?” Chu Feng asked.

“Are you saying that I’m a rat? You twat! I’ll let you know who is the rat here!”

Xia Ran launched yet another wave of offense toward Chu Feng.

Boom boom boom boom boom!

A series of explosions and shockwaves gushed into the surroundings.

The techniques Xia Ran used gradually grew stronger, throwing out rank two Exalted Taboo, rank three Exalted Taboo, rank four Exalted Taboo… Eventually, Chu Feng’s martial power barrier was no longer able to block Xia Ran’s attacks anymore.

But even so, he was able to stop Xia Ran’s rank four Exalted Taboo with just a rank one Exalted Taboo of his own. Two techniques of clearly different levels were actually able to nullify one another, amazing the crowd.

Xia Ran felt humiliated, for this was indeed showed the difference in their fighting prowess extremely clearly.

“How dare you look down on me, Xia Ran? I’ll let you know the difference between us!”

Unwilling to give up, Xia Ran popped a golden pill into his mouth.


With a ferocious roar, golden clouds started forming above him. Soon, his body began glowing with a golden luster too. His cultivation rose up to rank seven Utmost Exalted level.

“Is that a Divine Power? To think that you’d require a pill in order to activate it. Haa, how disappointing. You are a waste of my time. Let’s end it here,” Chu Feng said.

“What’s that fellow saying? Is he going to admit defeat?”

The crowd found it hard to understand what Chu Feng was saying, for it didn’t look like he was going to admit defeat. However, if Chu Feng really wanted to put up a fight against Xia Ran, he would have to raise his cultivation by a rank too. 

If he could do so, it would really awe everyone. After all, Chu Feng was a new disciple who had just joined the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. The sect had never had such a powerful newcomer before.


While everyone was still deep in thought, a strike of lightning flashed between Chu Feng and Xia Ran. When the lightning finally vanished, the crowd gasped in horror.

Chu Feng had already arrived right in front of Xia Ran, and he was clutching onto Xia Ran’s throat with a single hand. Despite Xia Ran’s earlier arrogance, he was being lifted up by Chu Feng with a single hand, as if a helpless chick in the hand of a butcher.

Chu Feng’s cultivation had also risen to rank seven Utmost Exalted level too!

More importantly, the Lightning Mark on Chu Feng’s forehead was no ordinary Lightning Mark but a ‘Divine’ character Lightning Mark!

“That’s the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique! He actually cultivated the legendary Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique!”

“Just what is his background?”

“He must be quite a figure in the Holy Light Galaxy, right?”

Even the disciples of the East Dragon Hall and West Tiger Hall couldn’t help but remark in awe. Hua Xu, who had been watching the scene all this while, had a conflicted look on his face.

“Junior Tu, why is Chu Feng so formidable? Is he really a junior of our Holy Light Galaxy?” Hua Xu walked over to Tu Yuanyuan’s side and whispered softly.

“You’ve been in seclusion for too long that you don’t know about the recent affairs of the Holy Light Galaxy. Chu Feng not only has an incredible background, but his talent is also top-notch too. I’ll tell you about it, but don’t tell anyone else.

“In truth, Chu Feng is the strongest junior of the Holy Light Galaxy at the moment,” Tu Yuanyuan said.

“The strongest junior?”

Hua Xu knew that Chu Feng was no ordinary figure, but he found it hard to believe that Chu Feng was really the strongest junior.

“Why else do you think I’d be so agitated to see him that day? It’s only in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect that we’re able to meet him so easily. Had it been the Holy Light Galaxy instead, he definitely isn’t someone whom we can come into contact with,” Tu Yuanyuan said.


Hua Xu still found it all hard to accept.

“I know what you want to say, but Chu Feng hasn’t exerted his full strength yet. This isn’t all he has. Hua Xu, we’re both disciples of the East Dragon Hall, so allow me to give you some words of advice.

“Find an opportunity to apologize to Chu Feng. He isn’t someone whom you want to make an enemy of,” Tu Yuanyuan said.

Hua Xu fell silent afterward, but he continued looking at Chu Feng with a conflicted look in his eyes. 

Looking at the expression on Hua Xu’s face, Tu Yuanyuan’s lips curled up into a gleeful smile. She intentionally told Hua Xu all of this because she knew that he had a formidable elder in the East Dragon Hall. If Hua Xu could back down here, it would indubitably be a good thing for Chu Feng.

After all, he was still in a vulnerable position in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect at the moment.

“You bastard, let go of me! I dare you to let go and have a proper fight with me! All you know is to resort to despicable means!” 

Xia Ran tried his best to struggle free of Chu Feng’s grasp, but the more he did so, the more ridiculous he looked. Chu Feng’s grasp simply wasn’t budging at all.

Once again, the contrast between them was made apparent.

The reason why Xia Ran was completely helpless at the moment was because Chu Feng had poured his martial power into Xia Ran’s body to seal off his strength, rendering the latter unable to use any martial skills. 

With the vast difference in their strength, there was no way Xia Ran could deal with Chu Feng without resorting to any martial skills.

“Chu Feng, I ask you to let Senior Xia go.” 

Bi Jingjing stepped forward and spoke up for Xia Ran’s behalf, asking Chu Feng to let the latter off.

“Senior Bi, on your account, I can ignore how he used a fake evaluation rock to undermine me earlier. However, if he still continues to hound me after this, please don’t blame me for getting nasty.”

After that, Chu Feng released his grip on Xia Ran. The latter fell to the ground and coughed violently. 

Seeing this, the disciples of the South Vermilion Hall immediately rushed forward to treat Xia Ran. Meanwhile, the disciples from the East Dragon Hall and West Tiger Hall began discussing amongst themselves.

This was really quite a dramatic twist. Xia Ran had confronted Chu Feng, hoping to make things hard for the latter, only to put himself in a spot instead.

This turn of events changed their perception of Chu Feng. It told them that Chu Feng wasn’t a helpless newcomer but someone who possessed strength. In fact, they began suspecting that Xia Ran had really tampered with Chu Feng’s aptitude test earlier on.

After all, how could someone as strong as Chu Feng possibly be of the lowest aptitude?

It was also only then that Wang Ziyan, Hei Yao, and the other disciples of the North Tortoise Hall dared to head down. After seeing that Chu Feng was able to defeat Xia Ran, they weren’t that fearful anymore.

“Junior Chu Feng, you’re so strong. I didn’t think that Xia Ran would be so helpless in your face!” Wang Ziyan walked over to Chu Feng’s side and complimented him.

However, her compliments were relayed via voice transmission. She dared not to speak aloud out of fear that Xia Ran and the others would overhear her.

Chu Feng knew what kind of person Wang Ziyan was, so he didn’t bother with her. Instead, he turned his attention toward the light surfacing from the ground. The light had started manifesting in the shape of a palace.

“Could it really be the Snowdomain Divine Palace? But shouldn’t it appear only once every millennium?”

The crowd couldn’t help but wonder if it was really the legendary Snowdomain Divine Palace.

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