Chapter 4722: Xia Ran’s Backing (Teaser)

Chapter 4722: Xia Ran’s Backing

Chu Feng didn’t stop Song Xi right away despite his self-harm. Instead, he waited for a while before he finally spoke up, “Enough, let’s not have others watch this show. Isn’t it embarrassing? Come, get up.”

He walked to Song Xi and helped the latter up.

“Chu Feng, hit me. I’ll feel better if you beat me up,” Song Xi sniffed.

“There’s no need for that. I’ve arrived ahead of time, but I didn’t make a move because I wanted you to see the true colors of those around you,” Chu Feng replied.

“I deserved it! I’m not worthy of being your brother.”

Despite hearing that, Song Xi didn’t blame Chu Feng. Instead, he hung his head in shame.

“I knew from the start that you had changed the...

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