Chapter 4721: Song Xi Breaking Out in Tears (Teaser)

Chapter 4721: Song Xi Breaking Out in Tears

Fang Yunshi was currently lying on the ground beneath Chu Feng’s feet. His cheeks were swollen, his nose was broken, and his teeth were scattered all over the ground. 

His state was as tragic as his wails were!

From the looks of it, he hadn’t just been knocked to the floor. He had obviously suffered several good punches to the face too.

Just what in the world happened in such a short period of time? Why would the rank four Utmost Exalted level Fang Yunshi be so helpless before Chu Feng?

Wasn’t Chu Feng supposed to be only at rank one Utmost Exalted level?


While everyone was struggling to comprehend what was going on, an oppressive might suddenly crushed...

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