Chapter 4716: The Humble North Tortoise Hall

Chapter 4716: The Humble North Tortoise Hall

“Then why would there be rumors abound that Lord Dugu Lingtian is going to surpass the sect founder? If no one knows who the sect founder is, how could a comparison be made?” Chu Feng asked.

“Many of the records of the cultivation places are held by the sect founder. Before Lord Dugu Lingtian’s arrival, those records have been considered unbreakable by others, such that even preceding generations of sectmasters are unable to overcome them. 

“However, Lord Dugu Lingtian broke all of those records. It’s precisely due to this reason that people believe that Lord Dugu Lingtian is someone who can eventually surpass the founder. There’s no doubt that Lord Dugu Lingtian is an incredibly talented cultivator, but it’s a pity that he was short-lived,” Bi Jingjing said with a sigh.

“Junior Bi, why bother saying so much to trash like him?”

A voice suddenly sounded behind. 

Yet another group of disciples from the South Vermilion Hall had arrived, but this group was clearly much stronger than Bi Jingjing’s group. The person leading the group emanated the aura of a rank six Utmost Exalted level cultivator.

“Paying respects to Senior Xia.”

It wasn’t just the disciples of the South Vermilion Hall who bowed to this ‘Senior Xia’; even the disciples of the North Tortoise Hall like Song Xi did the same too.

“Chu Feng, allow me to introduce him to you. This is Senior Xia Ran from our South Vermilion Hall,” Bi Jingjing hurriedly said.

Chu Feng was intending to clasp his hand and greet Xia Ran too out of consideration for Bi Jingjing, but the latter was directing a haughty and disdainful look toward him. This was a clear sign of provocation. So, he decided to just remain still.

“Are you the person who used despicable means to get yourself evaluated as god aptitude?” 

As expected, Xia Ran began to insult Chu Feng right from the get-go.

“You’re Senior Xia, right? Do you have any evidence to back up your claim?” Chu Feng asked.

“Does that even need any evidence? Lord Dugu Lingtian is the only one who possesses god aptitude, and you… You’re clearly unworthy,” Xia Ran pointed a finger at Chu Feng as he spoke.

“Senior Xia…”

Seeing that Xia Ran was intending to provoke Chu Feng, Bi Jingjing stood forward in hopes of mediating the situation. Unexpectedly, before Bi Jingjing could say anything, Xia Ran had already cut right in,” Junior Bi, why are you getting muddle-headed? You lost to that despicable man the other day, so why are you still speaking up for him? You can’t possibly believe that he really possesses god aptitude, do you?”


Despite Bi Jingjing’s background, she still seemed to be a little fearful of Xia Ran.

“Let me ask them straight then.”

Xia Ran turned to Song Xi and the other disciples of the North Tortoise Hall and said, “let me ask you. Do you think that Chu Feng’s god aptitude is real or fake?”

Song Xi and the others didn’t respond at all.

“I’m asking a question here! Are you deaf?!” Xia Ran suddenly raised his voice and bellowed.

Song Xi and the others immediately jolted in fright, and cold sweat began dripping down their faces.

“Senior Xia, I don’t know how Chu Feng’s aptitude is like, so… please don’t make things difficult for us.” Unable to stand the pressure, Hei Yao spoke up fearfully.

The other disciples of the North Tortoise Hall, with the exception of Song Xi, quickly nodded in agreement. It could be seen that they were very afraid of Xia Ran.

“What’s wrong with you all? Why are you sweating in a cold place like this? You can’t possibly be afraid, are you? Didn’t the lot of you have the guts to challenge our South Vermilion Hall?”

As Xia Ran spoke, he walked up to Hei Yao and patted his hand forcefully on Hei Yao’s cheeks.

Despite the humiliating gesture, Hei Yao only dared to stand there unmovingly. 

Seeing this, the rest from the South Vermilion Hall, including Fang Yunshi, smiled gleefully

It was around then that the disciples from the East Dragon Hall and West Tiger Hall arrived too. They stood a distance away, watching the commotion.

This was truly a humiliation to the North Tortoise Hall.

Chu Feng finally understood just how low the North Tortoise Hall’s position in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was. That day, when Song Xi led the disciples over to vie with Fang Yunshi over the Wintry Spirit Waterfall, he thought that they were still quite spunky, but he realized that he was mistaken.

Even Song Xi only dared to fight against Fang Yunshi, who was of the same cultivation level as him. Against those stronger than him, he wouldn’t even dare to squeak a word at all.

But while they dared not to say a word, Chu Feng wasn’t the type to swallow this. So, he turned to Xia Ran and said, “We’ve already talked things through that day, but are you being a sore loser here? If that’s the case, I’m more than happy to have another go with you so that you’ll finally admit your defeat.”

“You want to challenge me, Xia Ran? Who do you think you are? An ant like you dare to challenge me?”

As Xia Ran spoke, he released the aura of a rank six Utmost exalted level cultivator. The sheer pressure swiftly enveloped the land, allowing everyone to feel just how powerful he was.

Everyone turned their eyes over to Chu Feng, wanting to see him beg for mercy and make a fool out of himself. 

Even Hei Yao and the others from the North Tortoise Hall had such intention in mind too. Despite being supposed on the same front, they rather saw Chu Feng be humiliated here along with them.

Before everyone’s eyes, Chu Feng chose not to back down but push ahead. “In my eyes, you aren’t even a thing at all. You should be flattered that I’m even challenging you at all.”

Those words shocked the crowd.

Putting aside the spectators, even Bi Jingjing, Fang Yunshi, Song Xi, Hei Yao, and Wang Ziyan were stunned. They thought that Chu Feng would back down in the face of Xia Ran’s prowess, but who could have thought that he would say such words in public?

More importantly, it didn’t look like Chu Feng was just putting up a bravado here. His eyes were filled with disdain, as if Xia Ran didn’t mean a thing at all to him!

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