Chapter 4715: Sect Founder

Chapter 4715: Sect Founder

Following that, Chu Feng, together with Song Xi and eighteen other disciples from the North Tortoise Hall, headed together for the Snowy Heavenly Peak.

The elders weren’t participating in the training, so there were only disciples in the group. However, the atmosphere felt a little queer along the way.

Initially, there were some disciples who took the initiative to speak to Chu Feng. They had seen how much the elders valued Chu Feng, so they wanted to get on good terms with him. However, a soft cough from Song Xi sent those people swallowing their words back in.

It was clearly a warning toward the others.

Naturally, Chu Feng had also noticed that there was something amiss with Song Xi’s state. Despite him helping Song Xi out of his quandary earlier, the latter didn’t seem to appreciate his help. On the contrary, his enmity toward Chu Feng only grew greater.

If Song Xi was still veiling his enmity under excuses, at this very moment, he was expressing it openly.

Seeing this, Chu Feng heaved a deep sigh. While he knew that Song Xi carried some negative feelings toward him, he didn’t want to give up on the latter just yet, especially considering the bond they previously shared. 

If Song Xi was willing to turn back, Chu Feng didn’t mind turning a blind eye to all of this. However, if Song Xi was determined to keep this up, Chu Feng had utterly no interest in humoring someone who obviously bore him ill-will.

Once that happened, their bond would inevitably weaken and grow distant. However, at the very least, Chu Feng could confidently say that the fault wasn’t on him. 

In the first place, he had never intended to steal Song Xi’s position in the North Tortoise Hall, and if the latter was determined to think that way, there was nothing he could do about it.

As a result, for the remaining part of the journey, none of the twenty people in the North Tortoise Hall spoke a word at all. The atmosphere was horrible.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Feng and the others had already left the North Tortoise Hall to enter a vast plain. At the start, the plain was filled with lush grass, but as they proceeded further, the green landscape gradually became cloaked in snow.

Soon, a mountain range appeared in their line of sights. The mountains before them weren’t too tall, but there was one specific peak that rose grandly above its counterparts, reminiscent of a sharp sword rising from the mountain range.

That was the Snowy Heavenly Peak!

The entire mountain range was sealed off by a barrier, and the only way in was through a spirit formation gate.

Chu Feng, as a world spiritist, had a habit of assessing his surroundings, especially when there was a formation present in the area. Often, through examining the prowess of the formation, he could determine how powerful the world spiritist who set it up was.

The formation surrounding the Snowy Heavenly Peak resembled the surface of a water body, shrouding the entire mountain range. However, with just a single glance, Chu Feng was able to sense something amiss about the formation.

He examined it even more carefully, only to widen his eyes in shock.

“W-who in the world possesses such powerful means?” Chu Feng murmured in shock.

He had ventured into many remnants and met all sorts of formidable experts. However, he had never seen a formation as powerful as this before.

This formation looked ordinary at first sight, but its resilience was beyond imagination. Chu Feng couldn’t even begin to imagine just how powerful the world spiritist who set up this formation was. The spirit power infused into it was so great that Chu Feng doubted if even God-cloak World Spiritists would be able to pull something like this off.

In other words, this formation could have very possibly come from True Dragon level world spiritist. One must know that True Dragon Level World Spiritists possessed strength comparable to that of True God level cultivators. They wielded the strength to lay waste to worlds at their whim.

At least to the current Chu Feng, such existences were legends that were far beyond his reach.

Was it really possible for the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect to have such a powerful expert in its midst?

Out of curiosity, Chu Feng turned to his seniors from the North Tortoise Hall and asked, “Seniors, may I ask who is the one who set up the protective formation around the Heavenly Snowy Peak? Is it the founder or someone else?” 

This was the first time Chu Feng was taking the initiative to ask the other disciples of the North Tortoise Hall a question. However, no one answered him right away. Instead, they turned their gazes toward Song Xi.

It seemed that even though Chu Feng was valued by the elders, the standing of Song Xi was still far higher amongst the disciples. None of them actually dared to defy Song Xi’s will.

As for Song Xi, he simply ignored Chu Feng’s words and continued staring ahead of him. 

This should have placed Chu Feng in an embarrassing position, but he simply treated it as if nothing had happened and turned his attention back to the formation.

He had just been snubbed, but he didn’t think it was a big deal at all. He wasn’t the reckless youth he used to be anymore. While his sharpness hadn’t turned blunt, he no longer got offended that easily anymore.

“Oh? Isn’t that the greatest prodigy of our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, Junior Chu Feng?”

A voice suddenly sounded behind Chu Feng.

The disciples of the South Vermilion Hall had arrived in the area too, and Fang Yunshi and Bi Jingjing were amongst them too. The one who said those words earlier was no other than Fang Yunshi.

However, his tone showed that he didn’t mean those words as a compliment but as a biting remark.

“Junior Chu Feng, this really won’t do. Why is it that no one is answering your question at all? If everyone is ignoring you, surely it must be your problem here. Let me give a word of advice; even though you might possess a high cultivation, you shouldn’t get ahead of yourself. Learn to respect your seniors and get along well with them.”

Fang Yunshi rushed over to Chu Feng’s side as he spoke. There was a smile on his face, but his attitude was truly vile. 

Faced with such provocation, Chu Feng smiled calmly before replying, “Who do you think you are to interfere in my business?”

Those words were spoken loudly such that everyone could hear it loud and clear.


With Fang Yunshi’s explosive temper, there was no way he would tolerate being talked back to by Chu Feng in public.

“Junior Chu Feng.”

Bi Jingjing’s gentle tone made Fang Yunshi realize that she didn’t have any intention of provoking Chu Feng with him, so deferring to her will, he swallowed his words down.

“Most cultivation places in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect have been preserved throughout the ages. Only a small portion of them, due to certain reasons, have been modified. This Snowy Heavenly Peak is one of the few that has been preserved from the start, meaning that it was set up by the sect founder,” Bi Jingjing explained.

“Senior Bi, it hasn’t been long since I arrived at the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, so I lack understanding of the sect. Do pardon me if I ask anything that’s out of place,” Chu Feng said.

“Junior Chu, feel free to ask anything.”

The sharp-witted Bi Jingjing knew that Chu Feng was frontloading for a question.

“May I know who is our sect founder?” Chu Feng asked.

“Junior Chu Feng, I’m afraid that I’m unable to answer your question, for no one knows who the sect founder truly is. Even the preceding generations of sectmaster are unaware of who the founder of our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect is. Your question is something which all of us want to us, be it the disciples, elders, or even those who are no longer with us,” replied Bi Jingjing.

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