Chapter 4714: Dugu Lingtian

Chapter 4714: Dugu Lingtian

“Elder, is there anything wrong here?”

Song Xi hurriedly picked up the scroll as he asked with inconcealable panic in his eyes.

“Why is Chu Feng not in there?” Li Boyi asked.


A conflicted expression appeared on Song Xi’s face upon hearing those words. Hei Yao and the others also dared not to say anything much. They could sense that Elder Li Boyi had come for Chu Feng, for he would usually not interfere in matters that had already been entrusted to Song Xi.

“Elder, in truth, Senior Song has already invited me. It’s just that… I feel that my qualification is still lacking, so I turned him down.”

Not wanting to put Song Xi in a spot, Chu Feng stood forward and clarified the matter.

However, everyone present knew that Chu Feng’s clarification was a lie. Even the elders were aware that Chu Feng was just covering up for Song Xi.

Nevertheless, Elder Li Boyi didn’t lose his temper at Chu Feng. Instead, he looked at Chu Feng with a bitter smile as he said, “You feel that your qualification is lacking? Someone who had god aptitude is considered to be lacking in qualification?”

Those words verified the crowd’s suspicion that the elders were here for Chu Feng. They had already known about Chu Feng’s talent, and they believed that it was real. 

This was queer because the majority of the people thought that there was something amiss with the test and refused to acknowledge that a disciple in the North Tortoise Hall had god aptitude. They couldn’t be blamed for thinking that way as all they had heard were rumors, and even those who had witnessed the situation in person like Song Xi reserved some doubts about the matter too.

In any case, most people refused to acknowledge this matter.

This was also the reason why they were shocked when Elder Li Boyi and the others believed in the matter.

“Chu Feng, you should participate in this trial,” Li Boyi said.

“Thank you for your concern, elder, but my aptitude doesn’t determine my true future. Besides, my qualification is indeed lacking as I’ve only just joined the North Tortoise Hall,” Chu Feng rejected the offer once more.

He was doing it so as to not put Song Xi in the spot.

“Chu Feng, you’re too humble. Aptitude is a key to a cultivator’s progress. There are many cultivators who have trained for countless years, only to never step into Utmost Exalted level. On the other hand, despite your young age, your cultivation and spirit power have already reached an incredible height. 

“I’ve already heard of your affairs. You even turned down East Dragon Hall to come to our North Tortoise Hall; it’s our honor to have you here. Since you chose us, our North Tortoise Hall shan’t let you down.”

After saying his piece, Li Boyi turned to look at Song Xi.

“Song Xi, I don’t care what you do, but I expect to see Chu Feng in the Snowy Heavenly Peak this time around. If you can’t come to a decision, I’ll do it instead… But of course, if you aren’t capable of at least handling this much work, you need not interfere in future matters concerning trials anymore,” Li Boyi said.

“Elder, please be assured. I’ll handle this properly.”

Song Xi had a nervous expression when he said those words. It could be seen that he was very afraid of Elder Li Boyi.

“Do it right now,” Li Boyi urged.

“Hei Zong, you have yet to fully recover from your injuries. Chu Feng shall take your place in the trial this time around,” Song Xi quickly said.

“Hei Zong will listen to Senior Song’s instructions.”

Hei Zong was reluctant to give up his slot, but he knew that he couldn’t possibly turn down this ‘order’ right now.

“Hei Zong, allow me to make some corrections here. Chu Feng isn’t taking your place here; he’s simply more qualified than you,” Li Boyi said.

Those words were no different from trampling down on Hei Zong to raise Chu Feng’s standing. It showed just how highly Li Boyi viewed Chu Feng right now.

“Chu Feng, the Snowy Heavenly Peak can’t do much to help your cultivation right now, but it’s still quite a formidable cultivation place within the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. It’ll be good for you to take a look around,” Li Boyi said.

“Chu Feng, you must make sure to cultivate earnestly. You’re someone with god aptitude, and there’s a chance you might even be able to break Lord Dugu Lingtian’s record in the future,” Dao Qinian added with a smile.

Those words were actually spoken as a joke, but it ended up piquing Chu Feng’s curiosity.

“Elder Dao, what are the records you speak of?” Chu Feng asked.

“In truth, the cultivation places in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect all have records, but the record holder is all the same person—Lord Dugu Lingtian. What I said earlier was just a joke, so please don’t enter the trials with the intention to break Lord Dugu Lingtian’s records. 

“It’s good to have goals, but getting too fixated on the records might become an impediment to you. The records set by Lord Dugu Lingtian are simply unbreakable. Even our incumbent sectmaster is unable to do so,” Dao Qinian said.

“If I may ask, who is Lord Dugu Lingtian?” Chu Feng asked in curiosity.

He had been quite interested in Dugu Lingtian for some time now, and his interest only further intensified after learning that Dugu Lingtian was the holder of every single record in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, such that even the incumbent sectmaster couldn’t best him.

Putting aside the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster, even the mysterious existence he had seen in the Hidden Dragon Selection Formation was already an unfathomably powerful individual. Yet, based on what Elder Dao Qinian said, Dugu Lingtian’s strength seemed to surpass even that of the sectmaster.

It was hard for Chu Feng to fathom just how formidable Dugu Lingtian was.

Dao Qinian began recounting Dugu Lingtian’s affairs to him without hiding anything.

“I never thought that the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect would have such an incredible person.”

Chu Feng was deeply impressed after hearing Dugu Lingtian’s affairs, but at the same time, he couldn’t help but heave a regretful sigh too.

Dugu Lingtian was from the same generation as the sectmaster and vice sectmaster of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. His extraordinary talent placed him in the limelight, and even at a very young age, the previous sectmaster had already chosen him as his successor. In fact, there were many people who felt that Dugu Lingtian would eventually surpass the sect’s founder.

Unfortunately, despite Dugu Lingtian’s great talent and swift growth, he was still just a junior. Once, while he was on a mission, he encountered an enemy and ended up passing away just like that… 

Despite his death, Dugu Lingtian still remained a legend within the sect. 

Most people hadn’t met him in person before, but that didn’t hinder both elders and disciples from carrying deep respect and admiration for him.

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