Chapter 4713: Slots

Chapter 4713: Slots

“You slut. After failing to seduce Chu Feng, you still have to destroy our brotherly relationship? Did you think that I don’t know about your history with Hei Yao? Do you think that I, Song Xi, wouldn’t be able to see through just what kind of person you are?” Song Xi bellowed Wang Ziyan furiously.

“Senior Song, as the saying goes, ‘know a person but not his heart’! I really am not lying to you! I’m speaking the complete truth here!” Wang Ziyan argued, unwilling to give up just like that.

“Scram! If you dare speak another word of falsehood about Chu Feng, I’ll have you killed!”

Killing intent raged in Song Xi’s eyes as he said those words.

Realizing that the situation was turning awry, Wang Ziyan shuddered in fear. She quickly rose to her feet and fled out of his residence.


After Wang Ziyan left, Song Xi smashed his fist and destroyed many of the expensive items placed within the hall. His eyes were not only filled with rage but something else too.


For the next period of time to come, there was no one else who interrupted Chu Feng, allowing him to focus his attention on his cultivation. Unfortunately, he was still unable to figure out the way to unlock the First Essence.

On the third day, Chu Feng finally made his way over to Song Xi’s residence. This was the day that Song Xi agreed with Chu Feng to go on the trial together. 

Chu Feng knew that the trial was a place known as the Snowy Heavenly Peak. It contained many treasures, and if one was lucky, one could obtain quite a few precious cultivation resources.

However, what was more important was that the Snowy Heavenly Peak was actually a huge formation itself. It carried the same effect of raising a cultivator’s talent, similar to the Wintry Spirit Waterfall, just much more potent. Its formation needed to be charged with energy, so the place was only opened once a year.

Every time it opened, only five hundred disciples from the four halls were allowed to enter the premises. Of them, the East Dragon Hall dominated 300 slots, the West Tiger Hall had 100 slots, the South Vermilion Hall had 80 slots, but the North Tortoise Hall was only allocated 20 slots.

Despite the lacking number of slots for the North Tortoise Hall, Song Xi had used his influence to reserve a slot for Chu Feng, allowing him to participate in the trial despite being a newcomer.

Initially, Chu Feng wasn’t too interested in the trial and only accepted it at Song Xi’s insistence. However, over the last two days, he was unable to figure out how to unlock his First Essence. 

It just so happened that the Snowy Heavenly Peak was known to be quite a mystical place, so Chu Feng thought that he could possibly get some inspiration there, and perhaps, he might just be able to figure out a way to unlock the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor. 

By the time Chu Feng arrived, there were already quite a few people gathered in Song Xi’s residence. They were all the most outstanding juniors in the present North Tortoise Hall, chose to participate in the trial this time around. They were gathered here so as to head off to the Snowy Heavenly Peak together with one another.

“Chu Feng, why are you here?”

Even though Song Xi had already announced that Chu Feng would be given a slot in the trial this time around, the crowd soon looked at Chu Feng in astonishment, surprised by his arrival. 

Meanwhile, Song Xi looked a little awkward, unwilling to meet him in the eye.

“Did something happen?”

Not wanting to put Song Xi in a spot, he walked over to his side and asked him privately.

“My deepest apologies, Chu Feng. The reason why I called you to join the trial is because Hei Yao’s younger brother, Hei Zong, was injured, so there was an additional slot. However, he had recovered from his injuries, so I thought that it would be better to return the slot to Hei Zong,” Song Xi explained.

He spoke aloud, not using voice transmission or lowering his voice as all.

“Junior Chu Feng, please don’t think too much of it. This slot originally belonged to my younger brother anyway,” Hei Yao said.

His words revealed his ridicule toward Chu Feng. Wang Ziyan was also sneering silently by the side too.

Even though Wang Ziyan was taught a lesson by Song Xi for trying to stir a conflict between them, the swap of personnel going on today was actually proposed by Song Xi himself. This showed that Song Xi had indeed fallen from her tricks.

“It’s fine, you don’t have to apologize to me. You were doing me a favor in the first place, but since Junior Hei Zong is fine, you should let him go instead.”

Not wanting to put Song Xi in a spot, he patted his shoulders and shrugged the matter off.

“Brother Chu Feng, you need not get too upset. You’re still young, and you have good talent too. I believe that you would be able to get a slot next year,” Hei Yao said.

“Do I look upset to you?” Chu Feng asked impassively.

“Brother Chu Feng, why force yourself to smile? Even if you’re unhappy, we can understand it. Don’t you agree with me, brothers?” Hei Yao turned to those behind him as he said.

“Indeed, Junior Chu Feng! They say that men don’t tear up easily, but that’s only because the matter hasn’t struck their sore spot. If you’re upset, you can feel free to cry out loud. We’ll understand it.”

It was obvious that these people were mocking him, but Song Xi stood quietly by the side, not saying a word at all. This made Chu Feng realize that Song Xi had a part in this too, or else these people shouldn’t dare to look down on him right now.

Had it been anyone else, Chu Feng would have just ignored or taught them a lesson, but these people were Song Xi’s subordinates. It made him feel a little bitter inside. 

They had gone through so much before, and Chu Feng knew deep down that he had done a lot for Song Xi too. Were the hearts of humans so fragile as to be unable to overcome trials?

Did Song Xi really fall for Wang Ziyan’s words?

In any case, Chu Feng chose not to make things look too awful out of consideration of Song XI. He turned around and left the area.

But just then, a few figures suddenly flew over, andSong Xi and the others hurriedly bow down. They were elders of the North Tortoise Hall, and Dao Qinian was amongst them.

It was worth noting that the strongest one in the group of elders wasn’t Dao Qinian. Instead, it was an old man who gave off a refined aura. His name was Li Boyi, and he was one of the ten Law Enforcement Elders of the North Tortoise Hall, as well as a Martial Exalted level expert.

“Paying respects to Elder Li!”

Upon seeing Elder Li, Song Xi hurriedly stepped forward and bowed to him.

“Song Xi, have you decided on the slots?” Elder Li Boyi asked.

“Yes, elder. The slots have been decided. Please have a look through it.” 

Song Xi walked up and humbly passed a scroll over to Li Boyi.

Li Boyi received the scroll with a smile, and he even specially shot a glance at Chu Feng before unfurling it. However, once he saw the content on it, his face immediately darkened. His smile vanished, replaced by a look of fury instead.

“Song Xi, what are you up to?”

Li Boyi actually threw the scroll back at Song Xi’s face.

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