Chapter 4705: Successfully Nurturing the Life Soul

Chapter 4705: Successfully Nurturing the Life Soul

“Senior Song, I can understand your desire to help your brother, but Junior Chu Feng has only joined our North Tortoise Hall. He’s a newcomer amongst us, and the trial this time around is intended for the twenty strongest junior disciples of our North Tortoise Hall. I’m afraid that the other disciples might raise objections…” Hei Yao said.

“Raise objections? Tell those who have objections to look for me! Alright, this matter is settled! I’m tired, so I’ll be heading back to rest now..”

Song Xi seemed to be in an awful mood due to Hei Yao talking back to him. Right after saying those words, he flitted away quickly, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“Junior Wang, what is Chu Feng’s background? I have never heard Senior Song speaking of him before?” 

Hei Yao suddenly leaned very closely to Wang Ziyan, such that he was nearly leaning on her body.

However, Wang Ziyan immediately twisted her body and created some distance between them.

“If you’re that curious, you can ask him yourself.”

Wang Ziyan glared at Hei Yao before quickly rushing off in the direction where Song Xi left toward.

“Damn it, that darned harlot! She was all over me before Song Xi came, but now she’s acting as if we don’t know one another?” 

Hei Yao cursed as he watched Wang Ziyan’s seductive figure departing into the distance.


After sending Song Xi away, Chu Feng returned back to his own residence to resume his cultivation. Naturally, he was not aiming to further his cultivation but to find a way to break free of the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor.

The Hidden Dragon Soul Armor had sealed off his Three Souls and Seven Essences, resulting in his cultivation and spirit power regressing rapidly. However, as long as he could unseal them properly, not only would he regain his previous strength, they would also grow to a higher level too.

Using the terms of the mysterious voice, this process was known as ‘nurturing the armor’.

Right now, the first one that Chu Feng needed to nurture was his Life Soul.

The Life Soul was the core of a human, but Chu Feng had already found a way to release it. As long as he focused his mind, martial power, and bloodline to channel them in a specific pathway to fill up the connection between the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor and his Life Soul, he would be able to break free of the seal.

He started by channeling his mind, martial power, and bloodline slowly, but as time went by, he gradually grew more adept with it. In just a few short hours, he had already successfully unlocked his Life Soul.

At this very moment, Chu Feng felt his cultivation rising back to rank two Utmost Exalted level, but at the same time, there were some peculiar changes occurring to his body too. It felt like his power, which had been caged all this while, was finally surging out of its prison cells fervently.

Chu Feng picked up a rock by the side. It was an evaluation rock to test a cultivator’s talent. He fused his martial power inside, and the stone immediately shone with seven colors. This was the highest level of talent the evaluation rock could test for.

“My talent has returned, just as I’ve expected. All that’s left is for my talent to further improve…”

After doing several tests, Chu Feng tried to open his World Spirit Space, but he still wasn’t able to open it. His spirit power also remained just at rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation too.

However, he felt that nurturing the armor was easier than he thought. 

It would definitely get more difficult later on, but he felt that it wouldn’t take too long for him to recover his cultivation and rise beyond that. He finally understood why the owner of the mysterious voice told him that he didn’t have to do anything to save Zi Ling; he just had to successfully nurture the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor.

The owner of the mysterious voice knew that if Chu Feng could fully nurture the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor, his cultivation would rise by leaps and bounds, far surpassing all of the disciples in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

So, Chu Feng stowed away the evaluation rock and sat down once more.

While he had managed to unlock the seal on his Life Soul and recovered his cultivation to rank two Utmost Exalted level, he had no intention of stopping there. He wanted to unlock the First Essence too.

First Essence Tianchong, that was the foundation of a human. 

Similar to the Life Soul, unlocking it would require him to channel his mind, martial power, and bloodline in unison, but the method was a little different from before.

The same applied to all his Three Souls and Seven Essences too. The keys were all made out of his mind, martial power, and bloodline, but since each lock was different, the keys he had to make were different too. 

What Chu Feng had to do right now was to figure out the way to unlock First Essence Tianchong. 

Unfortunately, despite his efforts, he was unable to figure out a clue at all. This was a huge blow to Chu Feng’s confidence. He thought that nurturing the armor would be easy to him, but it seemed like he was underestimating the difficulty of the matter.

At the very least, he couldn’t use his experience from unlocking the Life Soul to figure out the method to unlock the First Essence. He had to change his train of thoughts entirely.

“Junior Chu Feng, are you in there?”

A voice suddenly sounded outside the door at this moment.

“Why is she here?”

Chu Feng could see the situation outside without opening the door. The person standing outside the door was Song Xi’s companion, Wang Ziyan.

Even though Chu Feng wasn’t close with Wang Ziyan, out of consideration that the latter was Sogn Xi’s companion, he felt obliged to treat her with respect. So, he stood up and opened the door.

“Sister-in-law, do you need me for something?” Chu Feng asked.

“Junior Chu Feng, Senior Song is calling you over,” Wang Ziyan said.

“Right now?”

Chu Feng was a little reluctant to leave because he was busy figuring out the pathway to unlocking the First Essence. Unless it was something of vital importance, he didn’t want to leave the area.

“Senior Song said that you came too abruptly yesterday that he hasn’t had an opportunity to properly welcome you yet. So, he specially prepared a banquet for you today. You’re the only one who is lacking at the celebration,” Wang Ziyan said.

“I see.”

If it was just a normal banquet, that was definitely nothing important. However, Chu Feng was suddenly reminded of Song Xi mentioning that he had prepared a surprise for him today. The surprise was probably referring to this banquet.

Considering how they hadn’t met one another for a long while, and that Song Xi had good intentions for preparing this for him, it wouldn’t be apt for Chu Feng to turn him down.

So, he followed Wang Ziyan over to Song Xi’s residence.

Song Xi was currently the strongest disciple in the North Tortoise Hall, so his residence was also different from the others. It spanned a scale so huge that it almost looked like a mini country. It had mountains and lakes in it, and the banquet was being held above a beautiful purple sea.

Surprisingly, the boundless sea was incredibly calm at the moment. There wasn’t the slightest wave or ripple on its surface, looking almost like the surface of a mirror. Beneath the sea were schools of fishes swimming to and fro, and each and every one of them was incredibly beautiful.

The atmosphere in the banquet was quite leisurely. 

There was already a huge crowd there by the time Chu Feng arrived. Nearly all of the disciples who were with Song Xi yesterday were present. Upon seeing Chu Feng, they quickly stood up to greet him with smiles on their faces. Even the bald man whom Chu Feng had struck previously did the same too.

The banquet proceeded rather smoothly.

Chu Feng and Song Xi sat next to one another on the main seats. The two of them chatted merrily with one another over wine. While they didn’t talk about their past, Chu Feng could still see the great ambitions Song Xi had in mind when he talked about the future.

He was earnestly happy for Song Xi for having found his drive.

In the past, Song Xi had low self-esteem, but he had become much more confident now. This was a good thing.

From time to time, someone would step forward to propose a toast to Chu Feng. Chu Feng could sense that not everyone present was fond of him, but he still responded to them politely out of respect of Song Xi. 

“Senior Song, bad news!”

But as time ticked on to the afternoon, a disciple suddenly rushed in and exclaimed nervously.

“What happened?”

Song Xi stood up and asked, but he remained perfectly calm. He did look like a leader right now.

“It’s the people from the South Vermilion Hall! They drove our people out of the Wintry Spirit Waterfall and injured them!” the disciple reported.

“Audacious! Senior Song, leave this matter to me. I’ll settle it!” Hei Yao stood up as he spoke.

Song Xi gave a nod of approval.

It looked like such matters happened often, and Song Xi had no intentions of personally heading down to resolve this matter.

“Senior Hei Yao, we might need Senior Song to make a move this time around. The South Vermilion Hall’s Fang Yunshi and Bi Jingjing are there too,” the disciple said.

“They’re around too?”

Hei Yao’s face turned grim.

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