Chapter 4698: Bestowment (Teaser)

Chapter 4698: Bestowment

“I never thought that Elder Duan would have gone through such experiences.”

Chu Feng finally understood why so many people knew about Elder Duan, and why Tu Yuanyuan’s master spoke those words to him.

“Elder Dao, may I pay a visit to Elder Duan?” Chu Feng asked.

“Members of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect aren’t allowed to leave the sect’s territories, but they are free to roam around the sect’s territories as long as they don’t enter restricted locations. I’ll first settle you down in the North Tortoise Hall, and if you wish to visit him at the outer hall later on, you’re free to do so,” Dao Qinian replied.


In a palace in the outer hall, many outer elders were gathered together. It was an annual gathering they would have after the completion of the aptitude test,...

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