Chapter 4689: The Situation in the Sect

Chapter 4689: The Situation in the Sect

“Elder Qian, congratulations!”

“Elder Qian, you sure have sharp eyes! You managed to find such an outstanding junior! This is definitely enough for you to receive a middle bestowment from the sect.”

Nearly all of the elders present immediately congratulated the yellow-faced elder for his accomplishment. The yellow-faced elder was also gleeful about this too. He turned over to look at Duan Liufeng and Chu Feng for a moment before turning his gaze back to Hua Xu.

“Hua Xu, you didn’t let me down. As expected of my disciple!”

Elder Qian stroked his beard as he said with a smiling face.

“Disciple? Elder Qian, you’re going to take Hua Xu under your wing? Are you certain?”

The elder widened their eyes as they asked in disbelief. Taking in a disciple should have been something very ordinary, but these elders seemed oddly shocked by it. It was almost as if they felt that Elder Qian was saying something very ridiculous.

“Indeed. Hua Xu has already agreed to come under my wing if he’s able to clear the tests,” Elder Qian replied.

“Congratulations, Elder Qian!”

“Elder Qian, this is truly something to celebrate over. With such an outstanding disciple, you’ll be able to return to the North Tortoise Hall. You must remember us after you make it big!”

“With Elder Qian’s cultivation, he could have entered the North Tortoise Hall long ago. He’s just lacking an opportunity.  However, now that he has taken in a disciple like Hua Xu, he’ll be able to hold his head up high even in the North Tortoise Hall.”

The elders fawned on Elder Qian.

However, they would still sneak looks at Hua Xu from time to time, seemingly thinking it odd that Hua Xu would come under Elder Qian’s wing.

“Elder Qian, I’m grateful to you for bringing me into the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. However, I have no intention of acknowledging you as my master,” Hua Xu finally spoke up.

Astonishingly, he actually rejected Elder Qian in public!

And what was even more bizarre was that none of the elders were surprised by his action. Instead, they turned to look at Elder Qian mockingly. 

Placed in an awkward situation, Elder Qian flew into a state of rage. He glared at Hua Xu angrily.

“Hua Xu, what are you saying? I asked you if you’re willing to acknowledge me as your master once you clear the tests, and you agreed to it back then. Are you reneging on your promise right now?” Elder Qian asked angrily.

“To be frank, Elder Qian, there was actually an elder from my clan who joined the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect 5000 years ago. His master granted him permission to visit our clan due to his outstanding accomplishment in one of his missions, and he shared the details about the tests with us. Thus, I’m aware of the significance of disciple selection in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

“If I was trash like that fellow over there, being able to induce only white light from the stone platforms, I would be more than happy to take Elder Qian as my master.”

As he said those words, Hua Xu specially shot Chu Feng a look. He didn’t say it outright, but everyone knew that he was referring to Chu Feng.

“With my talent of being able to induce blue light from the stone platforms, I’d surely be able to catch the attention of the elders from the East Dragon Hall. Had I chosen to go with you, given your cultivation, you would only be able to bring me into the North Tortoise Hall at the very most.

“Elder Qian, as an outer elder of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, I believe that you should know of the difference between the East Dragon Hall and the North Tortoise Hall.

“Cultivators have to prioritize their own future over everything else. So, Elder Qian, I hope that you’ll forgive my greediness. I want to enter the East Dragon Hall instead of the North Tortoise Hall, and I hope that you can fulfill my wish.”

Hua Xu bowed slightly to Elder Qian.

The surrounding elders nodded in agreement with Hua Xu’s words. None of them was criticizing Hua Xu for his actions at all. They knew what Hua Xu said was true; any juniors who were able to induce blue light from the stone platforms would surely be able to catch the eye of the elders from the East Dragon Hall.

Elder Qian was indeed dreaming to think of taking Hua Xu under his wing.

That was also the reason why all of the elders were shocked to hear those words.

Elder Qian gritted his teeth angrily. It could be seen that he was regretting his decision for bringing Hua Xu into the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. However, he swallowed his anger down and put on a happy face. Astonishingly, he returned the gesture and bowed slightly to Hua Xu too.

“Hua Xu, you’re being too formal with me. It was just a casual question back then. With your outstanding talent, even if you’re willing to come under my wing, I wouldn’t dare to hinder your path.”

Elder Qian was very angry, but he still forced himself to take on an amiable attitude, as if he was afraid of Hua Xu.

The other elders could actually understand where Elder Qian was coming from. After all, Hua Xu’s words had a deeper meaning to them.

He said that he had an elder in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, and that elder was actually allowed to leave the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect to pay a visit to his clan. This showed that the elder was no ordinary individual.

In other words, Hua Xu actually already had a powerful backing in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect whom Elder Qian couldn’t afford to offend.

This was also the reason why Elder Qian swiftly changed his attitude. He dared not to offend Hua Xu.

“That would be the best. Elder Qian, don’t worry. I’ll surely repay the debt I owe to you for bringing me in,” Hua Xu replied.

“Thank you” Elder Qian replied with a much more natural smile than before.

He probably knew that he couldn’t possibly retain a disciple on the caliber of Hua Xu, so it was already good enough for him to know that he would be rewarded for bringing him in.

“Elder Duan, what’s the East Dragon Hall and North Tortoise Hall they speak of?”

At this point, Chu Feng had already returned to Duan Liufeng’s side, and he asked out of curiosity.

Earlier, when he first arrived at this place, he noticed that the elders sitting behind the three stone platforms were dressed differently from Duan Liufeng and the others. Their clothes were made out of good material, and they were embroidered with the words ‘North Tortoise Hall’.

Duan Liufeng only told Chu Feng that he would be able to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect and learn its arts if he cleared the test, but he didn’t mention much about its inside affairs. Chu Feng couldn’t help but be curious after hearing the conversation between Hua Xu and Elder Qian.

Duan Liufeng began explaining the situation inside the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

In terms of strongest to weakest, the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was divided into the East Dragon Hall, West Tiger Hall, South Vermilion Hall, North Tortoise Hall, and the outer hall.

Disciples who reached a certain level of talent were given an opportunity to temporarily enter one of the four halls to cultivate. If they were to reach a certain level after a year, they would be allowed to continue training in the hall. 

However, if they failed to reach the required level, they would be expelled to the outer hall.

Those who were thrown out to the outer hall were basically unable to climb any higher anymore. The outer hall, be it the elders or the disciples, was just a mishmash of people. They couldn’t be truly considered to be members of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

And Duan Liufeng, Elder Qian, and most of those present were just elders of the outer hall.

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