Chapter 4688: Tests

Chapter 4688: Tests

While Chu Feng was confused, he had no intention of allowing the yellow-faced elder to act as he pleased. 


But just as Chu Feng was about to make his move, a silhouette suddenly stepped in front of Chu Feng. Duan Liufeng raised his hand to face against the yellow-faced elder’s attack.


Two palms collided with one another. Duan Liufeng remained standing on the spot, but the yellow-faced elder was forced to retreat several steps. He had to quickly use his other hand to grab his arm, which had rebound from the force, and his face distorted in pain.

“Rank five Utmost Exalted level… Duan Liufeng, you actually managed to make a breakthrough?”

Everyone looked at Duan Liufeng with a look of astonishment.

However, Chu Feng found it baffling that they were reacting in such a manner. It was normal for cultivators to raise their cultivation, but these people were exaggeratedly surprised. This was clearly abnormal.

“Elder Qian, he’s a disciple whom I’ve brought back. Even if he has misspoken, it’s not your place to teach him a lesson. Besides… I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with what he has said,” Duan Liufeng said.


The yellow-faced elder harrumphed in displeasure, but he had no choice to back down because he was weaker. Nevertheless, he still continued looking at Duan Liufeng with grudging eyes. It was apparent that he wouldn’t let this matter slip easily.

“Chu Feng, queue up and prepare yourself to take the tests. Remember what I told you,” Duan Liufeng said.

Chu Feng quickly did as he was told.

“Hua Xu, you should go over too,” the yellow-faced elder instructed the monstrous beast standing behind him.

Hua Xu quickly walked over and queued up behind Chu Feng.

“You sure dared to speak haughtily and offend the elder who brought me in. I’ll make sure to embarrass you through and through!”

A voice sounded in Chu Feng’s ears. It was coming from Hua Xu.

Chu Feng paid him no heed. He had met with too many people like him to be bothered with this.

There was no point arguing with such people. All he had to do was to find an opportunity to teach them a harsh lesson so that they dared not to speak arrogantly anymore.

Looking at the stone platforms ahead of him, Chu Feng realized that the tests weren’t easy at all. Only 20% of the people gathered here were able to clear the tests; the remaining 80% were all eliminated.

Finally, it was Chu Feng’s turn to step onto the stone platforms.

While the other juniors were taking the tests, most of the elders simply chatted with one another idly, not paying it much heed. However, when it came to Chu Feng’s turn, they immediately turned their gazes over.

It was probably due to Elder Duan that Chu Feng was receiving so much attention. He felt that these people carried great enmity toward Elder Duan.

However, it wasn’t a good time for Chu Feng to think too much into it. What he had to do now was to clear the tests so that he could remain here. 

So, he stepped onto the first stone platform with the word ‘Willpower’ inscribed on it. Needless to say, this was the ‘Willpower’ test.

Chu Feng’s willpower far surpassed that of ordinary people, so he was confident about this test.


However, when he stepped onto the stone platform, his confidence began to waver. He felt a surge of energy entering his body, and he suddenly found himself on the verge of succumbing.

He should have been able to easily clear this willpower test, but he oddly found himself struggling to hold on. To make things worse, the stone platform wasn’t releasing its light yet.

Of the three stone platforms, if he failed any of them, he would be deemed to have failed and be eliminated.

“The effect of the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor is greater than I thought!”

Chu Feng finally understood why the mysterious existence told him not to let anyone know that he had cleared the Hidden Dragon Selection Formation, going through the trouble to get Duan Liufeng to lead him in instead.

With Chu Feng’s current abilities, there was indeed no one who would believe him to have cleared the selection formation.

Through gritting his teeth and forcing himself to persevere on, he managed to eventually clear the first test. Following that, he moved on to the second and third stone platforms, and even though they lit up for him, he knew that he had only managed to clear them narrowly.

However, this was sufficient for him. It was good enough for him that he managed to stay on.

“Elder Duan hasn’t brought any disciples back for the past 3000 years, so I thought that the disciple that finally caught his eye would be a big deal. Yet, who could have thought that he only has this much to him?”

The other elders continued to ridicule Elder Duan even though the yellow-faced elder wasn’t saying anything anymore. It could be seen that Elder Duan had really offended many people here.


But halfway through their words, the crowd suddenly turned their gazes toward the stone platforms. If Chu Feng had caught most of the attention of the elders earlier, at this very moment, everyone’s eyes, be it elders of juniors, were all centered on the stone platforms.

Chu Feng was no exception too.

Most of those who had cleared the tests thus far had only managed to induce white light from the stone platforms. Only a few of them were able to induce a grayish light.

However, at this very moment, the stone platform was glowing light blue. The person who had induced it was no other than the disciple the yellow-faced elder had brought back, the man who was known as Hua Xu.

And while Chu Feng was looking at Hua Xu, the latter was looking at him too. There was glee in his eyes.

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