Chapter 4687: So Weak?

Chapter 4687: So Weak?

“I heard it from an elder by coincidence. I heard that there’s another way to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect other than being chosen by one of the elders. As long as one was strong enough to clear a teleportation formation, he would be able to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. And the name of the teleportation formation was no other than the Hidden Dragon Selection Formation.”

Chu Feng didn’t divulge the truth out of worry that he would bring trouble to the Ox-nosed Old Daoist. After all, the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was an unfathomable power filled with countless experts.

“Do you know the name of the expert?” Elder Duan asked.

“It was out of coincidence that I met the elder, and it was a short meeting too. I don’t know much about that elder,” Chu Feng replied.

“Could he be someone from our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect?” Elder Duan muttered under his breath, but he didn’t think too deeply into it. “The Hidden Dragon Selection Formation does exist.”

“If someone were to clear the Hidden Dragon Selection Formation, would it induce a phenomenon?” Chu Feng asked.

“Based on the records, it would,” Elder Duan replied.

“Elder, is it possible that the calamity in the sky is the result of someone entering the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect through the selection formation?” Chu Feng asked.

“You’re thinking too much.”

With a deep sigh, Elder Duan swiftly refuted Chu Feng’s guess.

“The phenomenon caused by the Hidden Dragon Selection Formation would be far grander than this. Furthermore, no one has ever cleared the selection formation before. If someone did, the matter should have already been known throughout the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. There’s no way that I wouldn’t have heard of it,” Elder Duan replied.

“If no one has ever cleared the selection formation before, how can you certain that the phenomenon above wasn’t caused by it?” Chu Feng asked politely.

“That’s because there are records about it from the founder of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. Chu Feng, I can tell that you’re an intelligent child, but you should focus your wits on things that really matter. Don’t speculate about things that have nothing to do with you. You’re going to undergo the sect’s entrance tests very soon, and only if your talents hit the mark will you be able to remain in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

“Otherwise, your memories will be wiped, and your name will be written down on the list of failures. You’ll never gain a second chance to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect,” Elder Duan said.

Chu Feng smiled in response upon hearing those words.

It wasn’t that he wanted to speculate, but he just wanted to verify if the phenomenon had something to do with him. He proceeded on to enquire about the tests, but it would appear that the tests were just an ordinary assessment.

While the mysterious voice had told Chu Feng that the locking of his Three Souls and Seven Essences would affect his overall ability, he still felt that he should be able to clear an assessment with ease.

After all, Chu Feng knew his own condition the best. He might be severely weakened, but a tests shouldn’t pose any trouble to him.

Under Elder Duan’s lead, he soon arrived at a square. This square was massive, and a huge crowd had already gathered in the area.

These juniors came from different backgrounds, and there were even monstrous beasts in their midst. Some of them had confident looks on their faces while the others looked nervous.

There were also elders in their midst as well. Some of them were old whereas others looked to be in their prime. They were all dressed in similar clothes as Elder Duan. The clothes seemed to have the ability to conceal one’s cultivation; Chu Feng was unable to see through their cultivation.

Some of these elders only had a single junior with them whereas others could have up to a dozen of them. They were all lined in preparation to undergo a series of tests.

The tests were basically the three stone platforms with the words ‘Willpower’, ‘Potential’, and ‘Lineage’ on them.

Once an individual stepped on one of the stone platforms, it would light up accordingly, and through that, one would be able to evaluate the extent of the individual’s talent. Based on Chu Feng’s assessment, as long as a junior was able to induce the emanation of white light from the stone platform, he would be considered to have cleared the tests. Otherwise, he would be eliminated.

There were many juniors gathered here, but very few of them could induce white light from the three stone platforms.

“Everyone, take a look at the rare guest we have here!”

Before Chu Feng and Duan Liufeng could land on the ground, someone had already noticed their presence and spoke out loud.

“Oh? Isn’t that Duan Liufeng?”

“Duan Liufeng, is this the disciple you spoke of who could potentially become a Hidden Dragon Disciple? This young man doesn’t look like anything much though. Are your eyes slowly growing dull?”

Many elders swiftly walked over to mock Duan Liufeng.

One of them, who had a yellowish, domineering face, had extremely jarring words. 

Interestingly, he had a junior behind him too. It was a male monstrous beast dressed in beautiful clothes. He was looking at Chu Feng with a haughty attitude, as if he was superior to him.

However, Chu Feng could tell that the junior was actually not very powerful either. At the very least, he was weak compared to Chu Feng, being only at rank three Exalted level.

Of course, he was pretty decent compared to the other juniors, but he couldn’t hold a candle against Chu Feng.

“Elders, I, Duan Liufeng, has never brought any disciples back before is because I’ve never met anyone who can catch my eye. I’ve never mentioned that the disciple I found would eventually become a Hidden Dragon Disciple,” Elder Duan said. 

“Ohhh? Hear his words! This is the disciple who has caught Elder Duan’s eyes after three thousand years!”

“Elder Duan, it’s your job to choose disciples for the sect. How can you possibly say words like ‘catch your eye’? With such an attitude, you aren’t worthy to be an elder of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect!”

The yellow-faced elder maliciously slandered Duan Liufeng.

“This elder over here, who’s the one who said that the disciples an elder select has to be suited for the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect? If every disciple is worthy of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, wouldn’t it mean that the elders who have brought disciples who failed the tests should all be punished?” Chu Feng asked.

“Chu Feng, don’t stir trouble!” Yu Sha quickly spoke up to stop Chu Feng.

Eggy had instructed her to stop Chu Feng from getting into trouble everywhere. Considering that Chu Feng had just arrived here, it was clearly unwise for him to offend the elders here.

“Insolence! The likes of you actually dare to speak to me in such a manner? You’re asking for a beating!”

As expected, the yellow-faced elder was no kind soul either. Chu Feng had only said a few words, but the latter had already raised his palm to strike Chu Feng.

However, a cold sneer crept on Chu Feng’s face. He realized that the yellow-faced elder was actually not as strong as he thought him out to be—he was only at rank four Utmost Exalted level. Even with Chu Feng’s cultivation sealed at the moment, he had no fear against someone of the other party’s caliber.

But at the same time, he couldn’t help but harbor some doubts. The Hidden Dragon Selection Formation was such a mysterious and powerful formation, yet why were the elders of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect so weak?

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