Chapter 4685: The Way to Nurture the Armor (Teaser)

Chapter 4685: The Way to Nurture the Armor

“Elder, you know Zi Ling?” 

Chu Feng was surprised that the elder knew of Zi Ling and that Chu Feng was here to save her. 

“There’s nothing that this old man doesn’t know of in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect,” the mysterious voice said.

“Then… where is Zi Ling right now? Is she still fine?” Chu Feng asked.

“Don’t worry. Zi Ling has just been imprisoned; no harm has come upon her. It’s just a bit lonely for her. You have plenty of time to save her. After entering the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, focus your effort on slowly unlocking the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor. As long as you’re able to do so, you’ll...

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