Chapter 4681: Difficult

Chapter 4681: Difficult


While Chu Feng was looking upward, a crimson flash of lightning suddenly flashed across the sky. Then, the second one and the third one appeared. Before long, the entire sky was filled with streaks of lightning.


The crimson lightning bolts in the sky harnessed terrifying power that didn’t lose out to the lava below. The lightning bolts relentlessly zapped down, and the speed they were lowering at was even faster than the rising lava.

In other words, Chu Feng was trapped.


With a terrifying howl, Eggy released her black aura once more to block off the rising lava below and the descending crimson lightning above.

“Eggy, stop. Don’t waste your strength!”

Chu Feng knew that she wouldn’t be able to make much difference doing this and might even sustain some injuries overexerting herself, so he immediately told her to stop.

“You fool! Stop wasting your time with words and find a way to get out of here. I’ll help you stall time!”

The feathers on Eggy’s black skirt and her hair began to sway furiously as her black aura burst forth with terrifying might. Her black aura seemed to have undergone some qualitative change, becoming even stronger than before.

Astonishingly, both the rising lava and descending crimson lightning ended up slowing down under her persistence. Eggy actually managed to slow them.

“Eggy, you…”

Chu Feng turned to look at Eggy, only to see that she had a strained look on her face. She was gritting her teeth, and even her eyes were tightly shut.

She was pushing herself to her limit in order to buy time for Chu Feng.

While Chu Feng had no idea what kind of toll this exertion would take on Eggy, it was obvious that it would be severe.

He knew that he mustn’t waste the precious time Eggy was buying for him, so he quickly used his Heaven’s Eye to assess his surroundings, hoping to find any openings in it.

“It sure is hidden so deeply!”

After careful assessment, a delighted yet surprised smile emerged on Chu Feng’s lips.

He managed to find a way to breach the formation. It was a hidden spirit formation gate on the cliff. If he could enter it, he would be able to tide across this crisis.

However, this spirit formation gate was hidden, and there were many traps embedded in it. To make it appear, he would have to breach the formation while not stepping onto the trap. In other words, he couldn’t afford to make any mistakes at all.

If he were to invoke the trap, he would be blasted with a force that was even more terrifying than the lava below and the lightning bolts above, bringing him instant death.

It was a terrifying trial, but Chu Feng had no choice but to attempt it.

He first took out the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk, hoping to use its power to help him. However, it wasn’t reacting at all. Rather than a treasure, it looked more like a normal whisk at the moment, not providing him with the slightest help at all.

This was not the normal form of the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk. Even though it only lent him its true prowess on rare occasions, it would still at least amplify the prowess of his formation by a bit. It was as if it had been sealed off by some other sort of power.

However, Chu Feng didn’t have the luxury to think about this at the moment. He took out three Summoned Jadestones from his Cosmos Sack and used one right away.

The Summoned Jadestones was one of the treasures that he had obtained from Gongsun Yuntian. He had seen the latter use it before, and it was a much more reliable item as compared to the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk.

There was no doubt that the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk was powerful, but it was unreliable. It had its own thoughts, and there were times that it refused to help Chu Feng.

On the other hand, the Summoned Jadestones were reliant, and it seemed like the more of it he used, the more powerful the effects would be.

He was intending to use one first, and if it was insufficient, he would use the other two too.

However, after activating the Summoned Jadestones, he realized that it wasn’t working at all.

It was only then that Chu Feng realized that the only reason why the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk wasn’t working wasn’t because it was throwing a tantrum, but that this world had sealed off its abilities.

He couldn’t use any external powers in this world.

If Chu Feng’s deduction was right, the effects would still be the same even if he brought out even more formidable treasures.

It was not that his treasures were weak, but that the formation that created this world was too powerful.

“It looks like I can only count on myself then.”

Realizing that he couldn’t rely on other treasures to augment his prowess, Chu Feng gritted his teeth and used his own power to breach the formation.

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!

Chu Feng gathered his focus and began channeling his spirit power carefully. Even though he could only rely on himself now, his sharp control still allowed him to circumvent all of the traps in the formation and open the hidden spirit formation gate.

“Eggy, Yu Sha, come back!”

Once he succeeded, he immediately shouted out to the two of them to call them over.

“I knew that you would be able to do it!”

Seeing the black spirit formation gate before her, Eggy broke out in a smile even though her face was ghastly white. She was extremely excited at the moment, not because she managed to tide through this crisis but that she was purely happy for Chu Feng.

The two of them quickly returned back to the World Spirit Space without any hesitation.

At the same time, Chu Feng also stepped through the spirit formation gate.


However, as soon as he stepped into the spirit formation gate, he suddenly regretted his decision. He suddenly wasn’t sure whether it was the right decision to step into the spirit formation gate at all, for instead of returning back to the cavern, he found himself falling into an endless abyss… 

This final trial was not as simple as he had thought it out to be!

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