Chapter 4680: The Final Trial

Chapter 4680: The Final Trial

“First Slash, Emergence of Lightning!”

Chu Feng swung his Immemorial Hero’s Sword downward. The lightning in his body gushed into the sword and was released outward along with the trajectory of his slash.


The lightning tore forth with frightening speed. The eighteen figures tried to retaliate, but they were simply too powerless before the lightning. Under the roar of the lightning, all of them, together with their sword formation, were reduced to ashes.

This was, after all, Chu Feng’s strongest means.

It was only the first slash of Heavenly Lightning Nine Levels Slash, but it granted him the power to overcome enemies a rank stronger than him. Even a rank nine Utmost Exalted level cultivator wouldn’t be able to withstand the might of its strength!

Unless the enemy was at Martial Exalted level, he wouldn’t stand a chance against this move from Chu Feng.

“Is it over?” Eggy asked worriedly.

“I’m not sure.”

Chu Feng assessed his surroundings nervously, not daring to let his guard down. He was feeling rather uneasy at the moment.

The Heavenly Lightning Nine Levels Slash was already his strongest technique at the moment. If an even stronger existence were to emerge in the trial, he would really be rendered helpless.


Soon, the surroundings began to distort, and Chu Feng was brought back to the cavern.

“To think that you have managed to grasp the Heavenly Lightning Nine Levels Slash, you sure are an interesting one. It’s no wonder why you’re able to clear these trials so easily as compared to the others. You were able to reach such a height despite being only at rank six Utmost Exalted level. You have really colored me impressed,” the mysterious voice sounded.

Chu Feng also heaved a sigh of relief, knowing that he had successfully cleared the fifth trial.

This trial might have looked simple to Chu Feng—he did manage to get off without suffering any injuries—but he knew just how close of a shave it was.

In that world, his enemies grew from just a single person to eighteen of them. He couldn’t be sure whether they would continue growing to nineteen or twenty. If it had continued on, no matter how strong Chu Feng was, there was no way he could have cleared the trial.

It was fortunate that there was actually an end to the trial, and it just so happened that Chu Feng’s means was enough to last him till the end.

“Elder, you recognize the Heavenly Lightning Nine Levels Slash?”

Chu Feng couldn’t resist asking.

This was a martial skill he had comprehended back at the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps. Other than Chu Feng, there was hardly anyone who knew about it.

He had awed many with that skill, but there was almost no one who was familiar with it. Yet, this mysterious voice actually knew about the Heavenly Lightning Nine Levels Slash.

This made Chu Feng realize that the voice was a real person instead of just a consciousness instilled within the formation beforehand. There was no way a mere consciousness could be able to make such seen judgment.

However, the mysterious voice simply shrugged off Chu Feng’s question.

“Now, the final trial. If you can clear this trial too, you’ll be the first disciple ever since the founding of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect to be chosen by the Hidden Dragon Selection Formation!”

Chu Feng’s surroundings began to distort once more, and soon, he found himself transported into another world.

This was the sixth trial, ‘Spirit’.

Chu Feng had just used the Heavenly Lightning Nine Levels Slash, but the world he was in earlier was illusory. All of the fatigue and injuries he had incurred there would disappear as soon as he left the trial. So, he was able to face the sixth trial in his tiptop condition.

“Chu Feng, you should be able to bring this Queen out this time around, right? Bring me out, and I’ll protect you!” Eggy said excitedly.

“Milady Queen, let me assess the surroundings first.”

However, Chu Feng didn’t let her out right away because he realized that this trial was fraught with dangers.

He had been through many trials thus far, and in terms of danger, the world he was currently in definitely ranked at the top.

Chu Feng was currently standing atop a cliff, and right beneath him was a raging river of lava. Normal lava wouldn’t be able to deal any harm to Chu Feng, but the lava here was exceptionally dangerous. Putting aside falling into it, even a single droplet splashing onto him would cause him irreparable harm.

As such, he was hesitant to put Eggy in danger together with him.

“Chu Feng, you bastard! What are you hesitating for? Hurry up and let this Queen out!”

If even Chu Feng could sense that this world was fraught with dangers, how could Eggy possibly be oblivious to it?

While she said that she simply wanted to get some action, in truth, she was worried about Chu Feng coming to harm, so she wanted to protect him.

“Alright alright, I’ll open the gate right now.”

Seeing that Eggy was going to throw a tantrum, Chu Feng had no choice but to open the spirit formation gate. As if fearing that Chu Feng would change his mind, Eggy rushed out from the gate right away.


At the moment that Eggy walked out, the ground Chu Feng was standing on suddenly began shaking intensely. The lava beneath the cliff had started rising up.

Taking a swift glance around, aside from the cliff Chu Feng was standing on, the world was actually filled with terrifying lava. In other words, Chu Feng was encircled.


Even though it was obvious that something was amiss, Eggy remained unfazed. She released her black aura from her small body and channeled it toward the lava. She was hoping to use her powers to stop the lava from rising any further.

Unfortunately, her attempt was futile. The lava was simply so powerful that Eggy was unable to stop it.

Knowing that they were in a bad situation, Yu Sha quickly walked out from the World Spirit Space as well. She tried using her power to help Eggy push down the rising lava. However, it didn’t make a difference at all.

“Could the answer be in the sky?” Chu Feng murmured as he looked at the gloomy sky above.

It was clear that they couldn’t stay on this cliff for too long, or else they would be engulfed by the lava very soon. If Chu Feng wanted to remain safe, he could only rise to the sky.

However, it was obviously infeasible for them to keep escaping from the lava, It would just become a rat’s race. If he wanted to clear this trial, he would have to find a way out.

Unlike cultivators, world spiritists fought not through brute force but through formations. So, Chu Feng was certain that this trial had something to do with formations.

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