Chapter 4677: Chu Feng’s Compassion (Teaser)

Chapter 4677: Chu Feng’s Compassion

Under the explanation of the surrounding crowd, he soon understood what happened.

As it turned out, a poisonous creature had suddenly appeared in the midst of the jungle. It spanned a hundred meters in length, and it had an ugly appearance. It dispersed its poison over the entire area, poisoning everyone living in the region.

Aside from the poisonous creature, there was also a stone tablet too. The stone tablet said that the poisonous creature was the retribution toward the people living in the area, but a savior would descend to save them too.

“Milord, please save us!”

After recounting the story to Chu Feng, the crowd began pleading desperately once more. All of them harbored no doubt that Chu Feng was the prophesied savior who would save their lives.

“Where’s the poisonous creature?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s located in the depths of the forest. We don’t know the exact location.”

“You should calm down for the time being. To tide through this crisis, we need to tackle the problem by its root. I’ll look for the poisonous creature, find the remedy from it, and save all of you,” Chu Feng said.

“Hold it right there!”

Unexpectedly, a man suddenly stepped forward to halt Chu...

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