Chapter 4671: Zhang Yingxiong’s Master (Teaser)

Chapter 4671: Zhang Yingxiong’s Master

“How laughable. Nine juniors will be responsible for stopping the catastrophe of the world of cultivation? Putting aside whether that catastrophe you mention is true or not, just the notion of nine juniors trying to stop something of that large of a scale is unthinkable.

“The elders of the world of cultivation have devoted so much effort and time to furthering their strength. They had to overcome innumerable difficulties before they reached their current heights. Do you think that a junior like you can surpass their 10,000 years of effort just by cultivating a few more decades?

“Please run your word through your brain before saying anything. I’m really starting to doubt the authenticity of your Immemorial Fate Stone now.”

The disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea berated Zhang Yingxiong sharply.

It was hard to tell whether they were just venting their stress from their failure with the Immemorial Fate Stone, or that they really felt that Zhang Yingxiong was uttering bullshit. After all, his words did sound like nonsensical rambling to any rational-headed individual.

In any case, it was clear that the crowd from the Dao Sea felt greatly averse to Zhang Yingxiong, even with the knowledge that he was a person with great talents.


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