Chapter 4669: Lighting All Up

Chapter 4669: Lighting All Up

The scenery before Chu Feng began to change. The sky turned red, as if it had been dyed by the blood of countless corpses. The earth looked as if blood was flowing through it. It wasn’t just the blood of just humans but those of other races as well.

Countless corpses were stacked like mountains on the ground. Aside from human corpses, there were also skeletons of humongous beings that stood as tall as 10,000 meters high. They were all lying in massive puddles of blood.

This scenery extended all the way to the horizon of the world, as if there was no end to the horrors.

This was literally mountains of corpses and seas of blood!

Explosions echoed ceaselessly in the vicinity, tremoring the earth each time it happened. It felt as if the world was being torn apart.

The explosions came not from the world he was in but the stars above the faraway Nine Heavens.

Every single one of these stars represented a world, and countless of them filled up the entire sky. Yet, they were all ravaged by explosions at this very moment, pushed to the brink of obliteration.

If there was truly a doomsday, this would be it.

“Master, what’s going on? Why is the world like that?”

The disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea had weathered through storms, but they were still shocked by the sight before their eyes. Some of them were even tearing up when they said those words.

“It’s an illusion,” Chu Feng spoke up.

“Illusion? That can’t be, right? How could an illusion be so lifelike?”

The disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea examined their surroundings with a deep frown as they refuted Chu Feng’s explanation.

They had, too, wondered if it could be an illusion, and they had tried out the means they had on hand that would allow them to see through illusions. However, none of them were working at all, which meant to say that the happenings around them were real.

“It’s an illusion.”

The Lady of Dao Sea affirmed Chu Feng’s judgment.

With even their master saying so, the disciples of the Dao Sea had no choice but to trust her. To them, their master was more credible than any means and treasures they had.

However, the knowledge that they were in an illusion only put them in a greater state of bewilderment. Despite knowing that it was only an illusion, they couldn’t curb the terror in their hearts. They couldn’t help but feel that they would wither along with the dying world around them.


It was then that a change happened.

A ray of light suddenly descended from the Nine Heavens. This ray of light was incomparably divine, and there was a silhouette slowly descending along with it.

The earth suddenly stopped trembling at this moment, as if heralding the arrival of a savior.

Taking a closer look, they realized that the silhouette inside the ray of light was actually a face they recognized—Zhang Yingxiong!

He was also an illusion too, but his presence here was clearly symbolical.

“There have been three rays of light thus far.”

Chu Feng turned his sight toward the Immemorial Fate Stone and saw that all of the runes on it had lit up.

The first ray was the sudden outburst of divine light that dyed the world white. 

The second ray of light was the crimson light that brought the vision of doomsday before their eyes.

The third ray of light shattered the doomsday, revealing the descent of Zhang Yingxiong.


The ray of light descending from the Nine Heavens began to scatter all of a sudden, and it swiftly filled up the entire world. Then, the light vanished altogether. 

By the time they realized it, everything had reverted back to normal.

However, the runes of the Immemorial Fate Stone remained firmly lit.

The spirit formation gate spiraling from it distorted, and a figure stepped out.

Zhang Yingxiong. 

As soon as he walked out, the spirit formation gate dissipated, and the runes on the Immemorial Fate Stone stopped glowing.

Everyone understood that the test had come to an end, but they still remained shocked by the results of it.

Chu Feng realized that Zhang Yingxiong was far more extraordinary than he had thought.

“Could he be a person chosen by the heavens?”

The disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea looked at Zhang Yingxiong with a different light from before. It was only at this very moment that they realized just what kind of extraordinary existence this ordinary-looking man was.

“My apologies, Brother Chu Feng. I should have come out earlier. It seems like my performance has heaped quite a bit of stress on you. However, you need not feel too worried. You don’t have to induce three rays of light from the Immemorial Fate Stone like I did. After all, I’m the only one who managed to do it thus far.

“Brother Chu Feng, as long as you can induce two rays of light, I’ll relay the message concerning your master to you,” Zhang Yingxiong said.

His face was beaming with glee as he said those words.

Despite his annoying reaction, he actually wasn’t provoking Chu Feng with his words. He was only feeling satisfied with his own formidable performance.

As such, Chu Feng wasn’t offended by his remarks. However, someone else got triggered by Zhang Yingxiong’s words—Milady Queen.

“That lad sure is arrogant. Chu Feng, show him your prowess and teach him what humility is!” Eggy urged Chu Feng.

That was simply how she was like. She wouldn’t allow anyone to make light of Chu Feng, whether it was out of malice or not.


With hardly any hint of stress, Chu Feng leisurely made his way over to the Immemorial Fate Stone. He repeated the hand seals and chants Zhang Yingxiong did earlier on to form the mini formation atop his finger. Then, he tapped his finger on the Immemorial Fate Stone, invoking a spirit formation gate that was created solely for his entry.

“Young master Chu Feng… he learned the hand seals and the chants just like that?”

While Zhang Yingxiong had demonstrated the way to activate the Immemorial Fate Stone before them earlier, he hadn’t imparted the method to doing so to Chu Feng. Yet, Chu Feng actually managed to learn it just like that.

In terms of learning ability, it was clear that Chu Feng was far superior to them.

On the other hand, Zhang Yingxiong didn’t appear to be surprised by Chu Feng’s actions at all. He looked at Chu Feng with an expectant smile lingering on his lips, seemingly looking forward to the latter’s results.

“Brother Chu Feng, relax. There’s no need to get too nervous,” Zhang Yingxiong advised.

Chu Feng responded with a smile before entering the spirit formation gate.


Soon, the first ray of divine light emerged.

In terms of intensity, it didn’t lose out to the one activated by Zhang Yingxiong at all.


Following that, the illusion of doomsday surfaced as well.

Even though this was the second time the crowd was going through this, and they knew for certain that it was an illusion, the sheer vividness of it all still rattled them up.


A divine ray of light descended from the Nine Heavens, as if the heavens had dispatched a blade of light to pierce through the frightening doomsday vision. It was just that the silhouette inside the ray of light this time around wasn’t Zhang Yingxiong but Chu Feng.

Chu Feng actually managed to fully light up the Immemorial Fate Stone too!

“Young master Chu Feng is truly formidable!”

“This is incredible!”

When Chu Feng finally walked out of the Immemorial Fate Stone, the disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea immediately cheered loudly. Even Wang Yuxian had a sweet smile on her face.

She didn’t say anything at all, but her mischievous blink and the thumbs up she shot Chu Feng was more than enough to express her feeling at the moment.

Her cheeky attitude was very different from how she usually acted, but Chu Feng knew that this was the real her.


Pah pah!

Pah pah pah!

Applause broke out. It was from Zhang Yingxiong!

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