Chapter 4663: The Enraged Wretched Black Demon (Teaser)

Chapter 4663: The Enraged Wretched Black Demon

“You’re right. There’s indeed something amiss here. Just where in the world did that old man teleport you to?” Eggy asked.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng used the Heaven’s Eyes to peer beyond the cavern, and he found that it was yet another cavern outside.

A cavern in a cavern; all in all, there were 18 stacks of caverns, each inside the other. Each cavern had its own individual formation, and the eighteen individual formations came together to form a complete compound formation.

The formation which Chu Feng was in was the very last one.

The other 17 formations outside had already been activated; this was the very last one that had yet been activated. Once it was activated, this compound formation would be complete.

This formation appeared to be the kind of smelting formation...

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