Chapter 4662: The Wretched Black Demon’s True Face (Teaser)

Chapter 4662: The Wretched Black Demon’s True Face

“Hahaha! It looks like all of the planning I’ve done hasn’t gone to waste. In the end, it still fell into my hands!” 

A gleeful smile appeared on the face of the Wretched Black Demon.

This reaction made Chu Feng realize that the amicable image the Wretched Black Demon put on previously was truly just an act. He was indeed not a trustworthy individual.

“Milord, Lord Yunliang has told us to inform you to not let down the Asura World Spirit Army. If I may ask, why do those Asura Evil Spirits value the box so much?” Chu Feng asked.

He wanted to know more about the box.

“Chu Feng, there sure are many things that you would like to know. Unfortunately, someone...

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