Chapter 4652: Bad Predicament (Teaser)

Chapter 4652: Bad Predicament

It was fortunate that Eggy was protected by a layer of black aura covering her skin. Despite her unkempt condition, she hadn’t sustained any injuries at all. 

Nevertheless, Chu Feng still rushed to her side anxiously.

“Eggy, how are you feeling?” Chu Feng asked anxiously.

“Dumbo, do I look injured to you? I’m fine, so stop worrying,” Eggy replied.

Seeing that Eggy was fine, Chu Feng’s wildly beating heart calmed down a little.

“Eggy, use this. It should be of some use to you.”

As he spoke, he took out a massive black saber and passed it over to Eggy. This massive balck saber was known as Death God’s Edge, and it was the world spirit equipment he had obtained from the Divine Armament Villa’s Heaven-reaching Armor Pagoda.

Back then, Chu Feng entered the pagoda together with Yin Zhuanghong, and the two of them were interested in the Death God’s Edge. It was just that obtaining it was no easy feat....

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