Chapter 4651: The True Face of the Blood Tribe (Teaser)

Chapter 4651: The True Face of the Blood Tribe

“Is it really a success? But it doesn’t really seem like it…”The hall was not as large as the hall they were in together with the Wretched Black Demon earlier, but it looked much grander and exquisite. Using the word ‘divine’ on it would be fitting too.

From the rocks beneath their feet to the tiles on the roof, every single item had been delicately processed before being put into place. Even the walls were filled with murals too.

Chu Feng shot a glance at Gongsun Yuntian and saw that the latter was also scanning his surroundings. Clearly, he wasn’t certain whether he really was at the Asura Graveyard or not.

There were two doors in this hall at the moment. One of them belonged to this hall, and the other one was a spirit formation gate.

This spirit formation gate was a little special as it was embedded into a wall, making it look...

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