Chapter 4642: The Powerful Yu Sha (Teaser)

Chapter 4642: The Powerful Yu Sha

“Yuntian, what are you dilly-dallying for? How long are you going to allow this bastard from the Holy Light Galaxy to remain triumphant for?” 

The enraged Gongsun Clan’s Clan Chief actually began berating Gongsun Yuntian as well.

Needless to say, he wanted Gongsun Yuntian to quickly defeat Chu Feng so as to wipe off the smug smile from his face.

“A mere world spirit dares to stop me? I’ll let you know just what kind of world spiritist I, Gongsun Yuntian, am!”

Gongsun Yuntian flicked his sleeves, and the spirit power accumulated within his body began gushing forth like a flood. It pushed the black aura back before revolving around Gongsun Yuntian like a formidable tsunami.

“This is bad.”

Upon seeing this sight, Chu Feng’s gleeful face immediately revealed a hint of anxiety.

Even though he still wasn’t able to deal with Martial...

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