Chapter 4639: The Next One

Chapter 4639: The Next One

This object was actually a black stone platform with many complicated runes inscribed on it. 

From its scent, Chu Feng could tell that it was an item from the Ancient Era, but the formation on it had the Wretched Black Demon’s aura too. It was likely that the Wretched Black Demon had used some materials from the Ancient Era in order to create this treasure.

“This is a dueling platform for you to compete with one another. If you feel that you aren’t able to win anymore, you’re allowed to surrender. The two final victors will be allowed to proceed on the final trial.”

The Wretched Black Demon looked at Chu Feng and the four other prodigies of the Gongsun Clan as he said those words.

“I am Gongsun Tuoba, and I would like to challenge Chu Feng.”

Barely after the Wretched Black Demon said those words, one of the prodigies of the Gongsun Clan immediately looked at Chu Feng and issued his challenge.

This man named as Gongsun Tuoba was the only one amongst the four people from the Gongsun Clan who had cleared the trial to be at rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation. 

In truth, of the seven prodigies of the Gongsun Clan on the square, three of them were at rank four Dragon Transformation Sensation and Gongsun Yuntian was at rank five. Other than Gongsun Yuntian, the other three that progressed on to this round should have been at rank four Dragon Transformation Sensation.

Unfortunately, the qualification was determined by how long they took to escape from the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace. The prodigies of the Gongsun Clan were only concerned about letting Gongsun Yuntian leave first; they weren’t too concerned about the order afterward since it didn’t make much of a difference to them.

As a result, a rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritist like Gongsun Tuoba ended up getting on the field.

Nevertheless, despite being comparatively weaker, he didn’t think that Chu Feng was a threat at all.

It was true that he could only hide helplessly behind Gongsun Yuntian’s back earlier in the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace, not being able to face Chu Feng at all. However, now that they were back to reality, his confidence returned.

After all, he knew deep well that Chu Feng was only at rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation.

“That despicable fellow seems to think that Chu Feng is a pushover. Hah, you’ll regret your decision very soon!” Xia Yan murmured gleefully under her breath.

She knew deep well what Gongsun Tuoba was going for, but unfortunately, Chu Feng was no longer at rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation anymore. Gongsun Tuoba was simply courting his own death.

In fact, putting Gongsun Tuoba aside, Xia Yan was certain that other two rank four Dragon Transformation Sensation prodigies from the Gongsun Clan would have trouble dealing with Chu Feng as well. 

Unfortunately, Gongsun Tuoba hadn’t realized this yet. After challenging Chu Feng, he even supplemented leisurely, “If you’re afraid, you can admit your defeat right now.”

He had a smug look when he said those words.


Chu Feng descended right down on the massive, black dueling platform without any hesitation. 

Seeing this, Gongsun Tuoba also harrumphed coldly as he descended on the dueling platform too. As soon as he landed, he began summoning his spirit power to make a move on Chu Feng.

“Hold it right there.”

However, Chu Feng suddenly stopped him.

“What’s wrong? Afraid? If you’re afraid, you should just get lost right now!” Gongsun Tuoba shouted at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng paid Gongsun Tuoba no heed and turned to look at the Wretched Black Demon.

“Lord Black Demon, I have a question I’d like to ask. Should this duel stop once the victor is decided, or is everything fine as long as no one dies?” Chu Feng asked.

“For this round, the duel should be concluded once the victor has been decided. However, I would like to see something different in this trial. You may feel free to use anything you have at your disposal, so long as you don’t kill your opponent. So, if any of you don’t want to get injured, you may surrender right away. If you choose to enter the dueling ring, you should have the resolve that you may come to harm,” the Wretched Black Demon said.

“Thank you for your clarification.”

Chu Feng bowed lightly to the Wretched Black Demon before releasing his spirit power too.

As soon as his spirit power was released, it interweaved together with one another to form a dragon. This dragon looked lifelike, emanating a terrifying pressure along with its ferocious howl. It bolted straight for Gongsun Tuoba to ram him down.


Gongsun Tuoba harrumphed softly in disdain as he channeled his spirit power to form a formation too to attack Chu Feng. He had no fear because he could sense that the spirit power Chu Feng was channeling was only at rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation. There was no way that it could hurt him.


However, when the dragon came to proximity to Gongsun Tuoba, it suddenly morphed. Its howl grew even louder than before, and its body also enlarged as well. Even its prowess was several times stronger than before. 

If the might commanded by the formation dragon earlier on only on par with rank four Utmost Exalted level cultivator, right now, its prowess matched that of a rank seven Utmost Exalted level cultivator.

On the other hand, a rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritist only commanded strength comparable to a rank six Utmost Exalted level cultivator. In other words, Gongsun Tuoba was in a terrible position.

In the blink of an eye, the two formations were already on the verge of clashing with one another.

Chu Feng’s massive formation dragon continued charging forth with unstoppable momentum, but Gongsun Tuoba’s formation had already begun faltering.

Even before coming to contact with one another, the might of Chu Feng’s formidable dragon was more than enough to overwhelm Gongsun Tuoba’s formation. If the dragon were to really strike Gongsun Tuoba squarely, the consequences would be dire.


Sensing that the situation was turning awry, the crowd from the Gongsun Clan immediately released their oppressive might in order to save Gongsun Tuoba.


But as soon as they attempted to do so, they found their oppressive might abruptly being shoved back into their bodies. They spurted a huge mouthful of blood as they collapsed to the ground, severely injured.

“Do you think that this is any place for you to mess around?”

The Wretched Black Demon dropped his amicable attitude from before. While it didn’t appear that he was enraged, his deepened voice showed what he thought of the Gongsun Clan’s actions.

Just this was more than enough to make those from the Gongsun Clan shudder in fear.

“You scoundrels! Hurry up and apologize to Lord Black Demon!” the Gongsun Clan’s Clan Chief berated the clan members who had attempted to make a move earlier.

Despite being severely injured by the Wretched Black Demon just a moment ago, the clan members quickly lowered their heads humbly and apologized to him.

“Drop that hypocritical act. Carry that unworthy junior of yours off the dueling ring.”

The Wretched Black Demon gestured to the dueling ring as he spoke.

At this very moment, the battle between Chu Feng and Gongsun Tuoba had concluded. There was spirit power still rippling on the dueling ring, but the crowd could still see what had happened clearly.

Chu Feng stood completely unharmed whereas Gongsun Tuoba had fallen to the ground, his appearance unkempt.

Chu Feng spared Gongsun Tuoba’s life, but this loss had indubitably humiliated the latter through and through.

“Why is that young friend’s spirit power so bizarre?”

The renowned world spiritists coming from all over the Nine Souls Galaxy examined Chu Feng closely as they discussed amongst them. By this point, they had already realized that Chu Feng wasn’t just an ordinary rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritist.

However, there was one thing they couldn’t understand. If Chu Feng was at rank five Dragon Transformation Sensation, his spirit power should be comparable to a rank eight Utmost Exalted cultivator. It should have never been at rank seven Utmost Exalted level.

“It doesn’t look like he has been suppressing his fighting prowess. It looks more like he used some sort of treasure to enhance his fighting prowess. If I’m not mistaken, his fighting prowess should be on the same level as Gongsun Tuoba, rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation. It’s just that he has a treasure that allows him to raise his spirit power by a rank. However, the fact that he possesses such a treasure means that his background should be quite incredible.”

The crowd soon arrived at an answer after some discussions amongst themselves. Due to this, their attitude toward Chu Feng also changed as well.


It was then that a silhouette suddenly descended to where Gongsun Tuoba was standing previously.

It was another prodigy from the Gongsun Clan.

“I’m Gongsun Wude. I’m here to have a taste of your strength.”

Gongsun Wude was a rank four Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritist. There was only a notch higher than rank three, but it represented fighting prowess on par with rank eight Utmost Exalted level cultivators!

So, when Gongsun Wude issued the challenge, the crowd on the spectator stand revealed gleeful smiles.

Even if Chu Feng was able to defeat the rank three Gongsun Tuoba through the use of his treasure, there was no way he could do the same to the rank four Gongsun Wude.

Even though Chu Feng was formidable for someone who had come from the Holy Light Galaxy, he would have no choice but to surrender here unless he wished to be humiliated. There was simply no way he could defeat Gongsun Wude.

“Gongsun Wude? Hah, it looks like the Gongsun Clan is shameless. There are five people who cleared the trial, but all of you chose to keep challenging me. Isn’t it obvious that you lot are ganging up to bully me as an outsider?” Chu Feng remarked.

“Cut the nonsense. Are you going to accept the duel or not? If you wish to surrender, just kneel down and plead for mercy, and I’ll consider letting you off.”

Gongsun Wude was particularly arrogant. Compared to Gongsun Tuoba, who only asked Chu Feng to scram, he was actually demanding for Chu Feng to kneel down and plead for mercy.


However, in the next moment, Chu Feng’s figure suddenly blurred before abruptly vanishing from the spot. When he appeared once more, he was already right behind Gongsun Wude.

By the time Gongsun Wude realized what was going on, Chu Feng’s leg was already whipping right toward him.

There was a loud ‘peng’, and fresh blood spurted everywhere. Chu Feng’s kick smashed right into Gongsun Wude’s lower jaw, sending him flying for tens of thousands of meters before he fell to the ground and tumbled for tens of thousands of rounds. It took a while before he finally came to a halt.

But by then, his face was already completely mashed up, and he had fainted.

With a single strike, Chu Feng had defeated the rank four Dragon Transformation Sensation Gongsun Wude!

Not to mention, Gongsun Wude lost in a way that was even more tragic than Gongsun Tuoba!

Putting aside the crowd, even Xia Yan and Xiao Yu were astounded too.

While they did know that Chu Feng, through his special means, was able to raise his spirit power to the level of rank four Dragon Transformation Sensation, they didn’t expect him to achieve such an easy win against Gongsun Wude.

While everyone was still having difficulties trying to come to terms with the situation, Chu Feng’s voice suddenly sounded.


Chu Feng’s gaze was directed to the two remaining prodigies of the Gongsun Clan above him.

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