Chapter 4636: Enjoying the Glory (Teaser)

Chapter 4636: Enjoying the Glory

“Yuntian has indeed not let me down!”

The Gongsun Clan’s Clan Chief stroked his beard as the folds of his face scrunched together to form a joyful smile. Needless to say, their desire to see Gongsun Yuntian and the others accomplishing a new record here was greater than that of anyone else.

While Gongsun Yuntian had yet to create a new record, he did trigger a phenomenon that had never happened before. Once news got around, it would surely elevate Gongsun Yuntian’s standing in the Nine Souls Galaxy.

On top of that, they weren’t even close to reaching the record time yet. If the phenomenon was already triggered now, it felt like a premonition that Gongsun Yuntian was likely going to come out soon.

This was the thought shared not just by the Gongsun Clan’s Clan Chief but everyone present. They were certain that Gongsun Yuntian would break Dao Hui’s record.

But things didn’t go according to how they expected.

The phenomenon continued on for another four hours, such that it was only half an incense’s time till Dao Hui’s record. However, Gongsun Yuntian still hadn’t appeared...

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