Chapter 4628: An Ultimate Defensive Treasure (Teaser)

Chapter 4628: An Ultimate Defensive Treasure

“Are you alright?” 

Chu Feng turned to look at Xiao Yu as he swiftly constructed a recovery formation around Xiao Yu. Under the nourishing energy of the formation, Xiao Yu’s injuries quickly healed up, and the traces of blood on her body swiftly vanished too.

“It’s just superficial injuries.”

It was hard to tell whether Xiao Yu felt bad for implicating Chu Feng or that there were some other reasons at play, but she lowered her head, choosing not to look at Chu Feng at all.

However, her voice was no longer as cold as before anymore. It carried a hint of gentleness.

“It’s good that you’re fine,” Chu Feng replied leisurely.

He was already used to Xiao Yu’s coldness, so...

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