Chapter 4625: Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl (Teaser)

Chapter 4625: Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl

“Yuntian, you can’t just turn a blind eye to our plight! I’m begging you, save us!”

Realizing that the situation wasn’t to their advantage, the two prodigies immediately began pleading for mercy. Tears and snot flowed down their faces as they cried in desperation. They didn’t want to lose their lives here.

“Shut up! Two useless things who can’t even deal with a rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation weakling. You have really shamed our Gongsun Clan!”

However, Gongsun Yuntian only bellowed at the two of them. From the looks of it, he had already made up his mind.

Between the lives of his brethren and his dignity, he had unhesitatingly chosen his own dignity.

“Looks like you really want me to kill the two of them? Very well, I shall spare them then. Not only shall I spare them, but I’ll let them off too. If you want to take my life, I, Chu Feng, am more than willing to play with you anytime you wish. I just fear that you don’t have the strength to back up your words.”

Chu Feng spoke with a brilliant smile on his...

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