Chapter 4608: Unfathomable Lass (Teaser)

Chapter 4608: Unfathomable Lass

Chu Feng was unable to do anything about Song Yun’s stubbornness, so he could only bring her together with him in the end.

Following the directions on the map, he soon got to the location indicated on the map.

It was hidden in an ordinary forest.

Similar to the key formations he had encountered earlier, if one’s senses weren’t sharp enough, one wouldn’t be able to perceive the spirit formation gate even if one was standing right before it. 

Chu Feng was still able to see the key formations with his Heaven’s Eyes, but he was unable to see or sense the spirit formation gates at all.

“Big brother Chu Feng, are you sure this is it? To be frank with you, I’m a Dragon Mark...

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