Chapter 4606: You’re Thinking Too Much (Teaser)

Chapter 4606: You’re Thinking Too Much

“Ahhh, how delicious. The Dark Demon is indeed as delectable as rumors claim. It looks like my effort to lure you out wasn’t in vain.”

After devouring the Dark Demon, a look of intoxication appeared on Song Yun’s face, making it seem as if she had just enjoyed a huge feast.

“M-m-monster! You aren’t a human! You are a monster!!!”

Having just witnessed an inhuman horror with his own eyes, Yin Tianchou could hardly retain his composure. He had followed his powerful master around since a young age, which built up his knowledge about the affairs of the world. It was from his master that he learned about the Dark Demon.

No one knew where the Dark Demon had come from, and no one had been able to estimate the true extent of its prowess either. But one thing that everyone knew was that the Dark Demon was frighteningly powerful, and its lethal poison made...

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