Chapter 4604: No One Can Move Me (Teaser)

Chapter 4604: No One Can Move Me

It was a barren world devoid of the concepts of sky and land. It was boundless at a single gaze, and the only thing that differentiated one place from another was the different shades of red they were in. The surroundings carried the overwhelming stench of blood, making it look even more eerie and horrifying.

However, Chu Feng’s attention was not on all these, for he had already noticed Song Yun standing not too far away.

However, she was surrounded by black aura, which manifested as tentacles to coil around her, entrapping her. The black aura seemed to be expanding with every single moment, allowing it to manifest even more tentacles to hold her firmly in place. Under the ravage of the tentacles, Song Yun could only scream in pain.

It was then that black aura began forming around Chu Feng too. Having seen Song Yun’s plight, he immediately dodged it, only to realize that the black aura was incredibly fast too. Not only was it...

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