Chapter 4601: The Strongest Bloodline (Teaser)

Chapter 4601: The Strongest Bloodline

“Them? Who are you referring to?”

Yin Tianchou frowned as he subconsciously took a step back. He was expecting Chu Feng to despair in this situation, and the way things were not going as he expected was starting to unravel his confidence.

“You’ll know soon enough.”

Right after saying those words, a noise that sounded even more deafening than the rumble of thunder echoed from Chu Feng’s body.


Following that, flames began pouring out of Chu Feng’s body like an erupting volcano. These flames rose up high, reaching the sky. Be it in terms of scale or might, they were all far above that of Yin Tianchou’s!

Furthermore, there were five colors to his flames—white, gray, blue, purple, and gold!

These five different...

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