Chapter 4585: A Trap (Teaser)

Chapter 4585: A Trap

Holy Valley… 

The clothes that the old man was wearing belonged to that of the Holy Valley. He had encountered two of their members, an old man and his young disciple, back at the Whitesky Star River, and the two of them possessed terrifying strength.

“He has indeed caught my eye, but it’s another matter for me to accept him as my disciple. I’m just interested in how far he can develop with his talent. Brother Buyu, don’t you think that this child will have an interesting future ahead of him?” Daoist Niantian asked the elder. 

“Indeed. However, it looks like he’s in trouble at the moment after offending the Holy Light Clan. Are you intending to leave him to the lurch?” the elder asked Daoist Niantian.

Unexpectedly, Daoist Niantian shook his head and replied, “His life and death has nothing to do with me.”

“You old fogey. You just said that he has caught...

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