Chapter 4575: Enough

Chapter 4575: Enough

“Your martial skill is indeed formidable, I’ll admit as much. However, a rank five Exalted Taboo is, in the end, a mere rank five. It can never hope to compete with a rank six Exalted Taboo.

“Admit defeat. In view of your talents, I’ll spare you.”

The black-robed man didn’t make a move right away after executing his rank six Exalted Taboo. Instead, he advised Chu Feng to give up.

“You’ll spare me? Hahaha! I don’t need it!”

Chu Feng didn’t reciprocate the black-robed man’s advice at all as he looked at the latter with cold eyes.

Hu hu!

All of a sudden, a burst of purple light appeared around Chu Feng. However, it was more than just a burst of light. It was a tempest.

The purple tempest began revolving around Chu Feng, as if it was protecting its master. The more it revolved, it swiftly grew larger and larger.

One could hear an indistinct roar coming from the center of the tempest, but as the tempest grew larger, the roar crescendoed, sounding clearer and clearer.

It was the roar of a dragon.

It commanded an aura nowhere beneath that of the fire giant.

“This is… a rank six Exalted Taboo. Chu Feng actually managed to grasp a rank six Exalted Taboo too!”

Looking at the purple tempest around Chu Feng, it didn’t take long for the crowd to come to a conclusion.

“This is wonderful! For such a prodigy to appear here, it seems like heaven is finally shining on our Holy Light Galaxy!”

Praises for Chu Feng sounded all over the place.

However, these praises only brought a tight knit to the faces of the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster, and the others.

One must know that the Holy Light Clan was still present, but these people were heaping such high compliments of Chu Feng. This was only going to worsen the Holy Light Clan’s impression of Chu Feng.

But no matter how worried they were, there was nothing they could do about this situation. They didn’t have the power to oppose the Holy Light Clan.

They could only hope for the Holy Light Clan to be magnanimous and let Chu Feng go.

“Interesting. How interesting! Since that’s the case, it seems like I should get serious too!”

After seeing Chu Feng’s rank six Exalted Taboo Martial Skill, the black-robed man burst into hearty laughter, as if he was enjoying this entire battle.

Following that, he did something that shocked everything. He kept the Incomplete Exalted Armament in his hand.

But soon, a new weapon appeared in his hand.

It was a silver spear.

At first glance, there was nothing special about this silver spear. However, as soon as it appeared on the face of the world, even Chu Feng’s Incomplete Exalted Armament began trembling in fear.

It was an Exalted Armament. The silver spear in the black-robed man’s hands was an Exalted Armament!

With an Exalted Armament in hand, the aura of the black-robed man began surging to new heights once more. Even though his cultivation still remained at rank nine Utmost Exalted level, his fighting prowess was far greater than what it was before.

“Exalted Armament? He’s actually able to use an Exalted Armament?”

“How could this possibly be?”

“There’s no way an Utmost Exalted level cultivator could have been able to use an Exalted Armament!”

“I thought that Exalted Armament can only be used by Martial Exalted level cultivators?”

The crowd was shocked to see that the black-robed man actually had an Exalted Armament under his control.

Compared to possessing a rank six Exalted Taboo Martial Skill, the black-robed man’s possession of an Exalted Armament was even more shocking and unbelievable.

Being able to use an Exalted Armament was Utmost Exalted level should have been something completely impossible. It was irrational and improbable. It went against the laws of cultivation.

Yet, they were really witnessing such a thing with their eyes at this very moment.


While everyone was shocked beyond words, Chu Feng also stowed away his Incomplete Exalted Armament too.

And in the next moment, the Immemorial Hero’s Sword appeared in his grasp.

In an instant, Chu Feng’s fighting prowess rose to a new high!

“Holy shit… that aura! Could it be that brother Chu Feng has managed to grasp an Exalted Armament too?”

The juniors standing at the bottom of the mountain could hardly close their mouths when they saw the Immemorial Hero’s Sword that Chu Feng was holding in his grasp.

Even the older generation watching the duel from outside were dumbstruck too.

Even the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster, and those who were on close terms with Chu Feng were shocked too.

“Just how many means does young friend Chu Feng have up his sleeves?”

The ones who were the most shocked of all were those from the Yu Heavenly Clan.

All this while, they thought that Yu Lie had lost by a small margin in the battle back then, but they dared not think so anymore.

With Chu Feng’s current strength, there was no way Yu Lie stood a chance at all.

And it wasn’t just those from the Holy Light Clan who thought that this was impossible. Even the black-robed man had widened his eyes in disbelief too.

“Are you really from the Holy Light Galaxy?”

The black-robed man took a good look at the Immemorial Hero’s Sword in Chu Feng’s grasp and asked.

“You can spare with the nonsense. If I’m not from the Holy Light Galaxy, I would have never appeared here in the first place. Is there any other means that you have?” Chu Feng asked the black-robed man.

“Interesting! You really amuse me to no end, Chu Feng! Come on then! I would love to see whose rank six Exalted Taboo is stronger!!!”

After saying those words, the black-robed man commanded his fire giant to attack Chu Feng.

In response, Chu Feng formed hand seals with one hand as he pointed the Immemorial Hero’s Sword toward the black-robed man.


The purple tempest charged toward the fire giant with the roar of a dragon.

In an instant, the sky turned so dark that even the sun and the moon seemed to have lost their luster. All that was left was a devastating shockwave that rippled ceaselessly into the surroundings.

This was a clash of rank six Exalted Taboos!

However, this clash didn’t last for too long.

Chu Feng was unharmed whereas the black-robed man lost his poise. Lacerations began appearing all over his body, causing him to bleed from all around.

It was clear who was the victor of this clash.


But to everyone’s surprise, despite the black-robed man’s loss, he began laughing heartily toward the sky. Then, all of a sudden, his laughter stopped, and he turned to look at Chu Feng with a grave look.

“You’re really an interesting fellow. Chu Feng, you’re the first junior to have forced me this far. However, you won’t stand a chance against what that’s going to come next.”

The black-robed man’s words made the crowd feel a squeeze in their hearts.

They realized that even though Chu Feng might have won in the clash of rank six Exalted Taboos, the black-robed man still had another even more formidable trump card in his hands.


Unexpectedly, a voice suddenly sounded from the sky at this tense moment, jolting the crowd in shock.

The crowd was certain that the voice hadn’t come from any of them because it originated from within the Storm Combat Dragon Ring. 

However, the voice had definitely come neither from Chu Feng nor any of the other juniors in there because it was the voice of an elder.

But wasn’t the Storm Combat Dragon Ring a place where only juniors could enter?

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