Chapter 4573: Battle of Martial Profoundness

Chapter 4573: Battle of Martial Profoundness

Under Chu Feng’s suppression, the black-robed man was forced into a difficult position.

“Looks like you do have some capability. This is what I call a fight!”

However, just as everyone thought that the black-robed man would be suppressed right to the very end of the fight, the black marks on the black-robed man’s body suddenly began to multiply.

This change brought about a huge surge of strength for the black-robed man, as he began to stand his ground and even launch counterattacks against Chu Feng, clashing directly with him once more.

Once again, sparks were flying everywhere as shockwaves shuddered the air. 

Everyone could tell that the black-robed man’s fighting prowess had risen once again, to the level where he was comparable to Chu Feng.

“Exhilarating! This is the first time I’m facing an opponent who can fight on equal terms with me! Looks like it’s not a wasted trip for me!” the black-robed man exclaimed excitedly.

As if to show off his own prowess, he insisted on clashing head-on with Chu Feng every single strike even though there were times when he could have chosen to parry or dodge instead.

He was desperate to use his raw strength to overpower Chu Feng so as to prove his superiority.


But all of a sudden, Chu Feng suddenly changed the trajectory of his sword and pierced straight toward the black-robed man’s neck.

Realizing that he was in a bad position, the black-robed man hurriedly dodged to the side.

However, Chu Feng wasn’t planning on letting him go just like that. Once again, the trajectory of his sword changed once more as he changed his attack from a pierce to a slash, aiming to strike down on the black-robed man’s shoulders.

It was so abrupt that despite the black-robed man’s fast reflexes, he was still unable to dodge from the attack.

With a resounding ‘puchi’, blood splattered all over the air. 

Chu Feng’s sword had left a bloody wound on the arm of the black-robed man. It was such a deep wound that even his bone was revealing.

And in truth, it could have been worse. If the black-robed man hadn’t dodged in time, his entire arm would have been severed.

“Well done, brother Chu Feng! Kill that bastard!”

Seeing how Chu Feng had succeeded in injuring the black-robed man, a series of resounding cheers sounded from the juniors at the bottom of the mountain. It felt like the stifling sensation in them had suddenly been liberated, and they shouted in excitement.

After all, the black-robed man was simply too arrogant earlier on.

But it just so happened that the black-robed man did have the strength to back up his words, rendering them completely helpless against him. Thus, it was a relief to see Chu Feng making a comeback.

“Damn it!”

Seeing the tables had turned on him, the black-robed man quickly retreated swiftly to regain his momentum over the battle.

However, Chu Feng had no intention of letting him get away. He continued chasing the latter, not giving him a chance to escape at all.

Chu Feng’s attacks were sharp and relentless whereas the black-robed man had already fallen in a fluster. As a result, the battle turned into a one-sided chase.

“Incredible! As expected of the number one junior of our Holy Light Galaxy. He’s indeed extraordinary!”

“Even Shengguang Yu and Yu Lie wouldn’t be able to match against his swordsmanship!”

“It’s a fortune for our Holy Light Galaxy to have a prodigy like Chu Feng!”

Even those of the older generation couldn’t suppress their excitement. Nearly every single voice around were all shouting Chu Feng’s name.

The juniors might not have been able to catch a good look at the battle between Chu Feng and the black-robed man due to their positioning, but the older generation was able to see it extremely clearly.

And it was a battle that really sent their blood running.

Hong long long—

A series of eerie explosions suddenly sounded from the sky above. Looking upward, the crowd could see blue aura swiftly gathering above.

At the same time, the same blue aura was also gathering around the black-robed man as well.

“Is he finally going to use his martial skill now?”

The crowd could tell that the black-robed man was going to make his move.

Seeing this sight, smiles broke out on the faces of the experts of the Holy Light Galaxy.

The black-robed man had been able to crush all of the juniors of the Holy Light Galaxy with ease so far, such that no one had been able to stand their ground against him thus far.

However, the situation had turned around now. 

Chu Feng’s relentless attacks had cornered the young man.

Everyone knew that when cultivators chose to clash solely on their weapons, they were trying to prove their superiority over their opponent. The first one to be forced to use a martial skill would be deemed to have lost in the battle of combat skills.

And after reigning supreme thus far, the black-robed man had finally been pulled down from his high horses.

And furthermore, the black-robed man chose to use a rank five Exalted Taboo right away.

One must know that when he was facing off with Shengguang Yu earlier on, the black-robed man hadn’t used any martial skill at all.

From this, it could be seen that the black-robed man was extremely wary of Chu Feng, such that he didn’t dare to fool around anymore.

Hu hu hu—

The blue aura that had gathered around the black-robed man morphed into a great tornado that surrounded him. The wind of the tornado was as sharp as knives, tearing apart anyone who dared to come close.

If Chu Feng were to be caught in the midst of the tornado, the consequences would be disastrous.

Nevertheless, Chu Feng had no intention to back down at all.


Several streaks of lightning began to crackle on the surface of Chu Feng’s body.

Like the claws of a specter, the lightning was extremely aggressive, tearing even the fabrics of space apart. The blue tornado that had gathered around the black-robed man didn’t stand a chance at all. It was immediately torn apart into shreds.

The lightning streaks pierced right through the blue tornado to strike at the black-robed man, determined to tear him apart.

“Damn it!”

Seeing that the situation was turning awry, the black-robed man quickly backed away.

“What formidable martial skill. Could it be…?”

The crowd was astonished to see Chu Feng’s attacks. They instinctively turned their sights over to the Yu Heavenly Clan.

Even those from the Holy Light Clan were taken aback too.

They were able to recognize the martial skill that Chu Feng had just exerted to be the clan-protection martial skill, rank five Exalted Taboo Martial Skill, Soul of Heavenly Lightning!

It went without saying that the heritage of the Yu Heavenly Clan couldn’t possibly be leaked to outsiders, so how in the world was Chu Feng able to use it?

Just what kind of relationship did Chu Feng have with the Yu Heavenly Clan?

“That’s indeed the clan-protection martial skill of our Yu Heavenly Clan, Soul of Heavenly Lightning. However, it belongs to young friend Chu Feng too now.”

While everyone was still perplexed by this situation, the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief stepped forward and explained the matter.

The crowd was incredulous to hear those words.

They simply couldn’t understand just why the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief handed over the clan-protection martial skill to Chu Feng so easily.


It was then that furious howls suddenly sounded in the Storm Combat Dragon Ring.

Everyone turned their eyes over and saw three tornado beasts appearing in the dueling ring. The three tornado beasts had slightly different appearances, but they all boasted a height of over ten thousand meters.

The appearance of those three massive tornado beasts made Chu Feng look extraordinarily small in contrast.

If one were to look at it from the airs emanated from both sides, Chu Feng had already lost half of the battle.

“That black-robed man is really not to be underestimated. That’s the profoundness of a martial skill, right? I never thought that he would be so skilled in both combat and martial skills.

“I really wonder how would young friend Chu Feng deal with that!”

Many of those in the elder generation were able to figure out the origins of the three tornado beasts in an instant, and it was precisely due to that that they couldn’t help but worry for Chu Feng.

The black-robed man’s martial skill was already strong as it was, and the fact that he had managed to grasp its profoundness only further elevated its prowess.

It would be hard for Chu Feng to deal with that.


But it was then that lightning began crackling right in front of Chu Feng.

“My gosh, it can’t be…”

Everyone’s eyes bulged out as they stared flabbergasted at the scene before them.

Three massive giants had formed right in front of Chu Feng.

This was the profoundness of the Soul of Heavenly Lightning, Emergence of Lightning Soul!!!

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