Chapter 4571: Who Hurt You?

Chapter 4571: Who Hurt You?


Right after saying those words, the black-robed man launched another wave of attack against Shengguang Yu.

And this time, Shengguang Yu didn't even get a chance to protect himself.

The black-robed man used a rank three Exalted Taboo Martial Skill. His spear pierced right through Shengguang Yu’s body again and again with unbelievable speed, filling the latter’s body with horrifying bloodied holes.

Suffering such grievous injuries, Shengguang Yu was unable to remain in flight anymore and plummeted straight toward the bottom of the mountain. His breathing became extremely feeble, and he didn’t even have the strength to stand up at all.

However, the crowd implicitly understood that the only reason why Shengguang Yu was still alive at the moment was because the black-robed man had chosen to spare him.

The juniors at the bottom of the mountain quickly rushed over to Shengguang Yu’s side and used their means to treat him. They couldn’t let Shengguang Yu die under their watch, or else the Holy Light Clan might go after them.

However, Shengguang Yu’s injuries were similar to that of Long Xiaoxiao. No matter what they did, they were unable to close up his injuries.


Shengguang Yu stared at the black-robed man in the sky as his lips quivered. It felt like there were some things that he wished to say, but he dared not to voice them aloud.

This black-robed man was truly brazen. Despite knowing his identity, the other party still dared to treat him in such a manner.

This made Shengguang Yu even more frightened of the other party.

If he were to rile up the black-robed man with his words once more, there was no saying that the latter might really kill him.

“This bastard dares to treat young master Yu in such a manner! I’ll slaughter him!”

Meanwhile, those from the Holy Light Clan were burning with rage and fury. The killing intent they emanated was palpable in the air.

However, due to age limitation, they were unable to enter the Storm Combat Dragon Ring. They could only watch helplessly as Shengguang Yu was publicly humiliated by the black-robed man.

Right now, they had no choice but to wait for the Storm Combat Dragon Ring to open up before taking care of that black-robed man.

But given everything that had happened, it wouldn’t make a difference at all even if the Holy Light Clan were to subdue the black-robed man now.

They had already lost this battle, and it was a thorough defeat.

For this reason, the mood amongst the onlookers outside was extremely heavy.

No matter what, they were still people from the Holy Light Galaxy. Regardless of whether they were good or evil, whether they had a favorable impression of the Holy Light Clan or not, it didn’t change the fact that their pride was on the same line as that of the Holy Light Galaxy.

As such, they couldn’t help but feel bitter inside to see all of the juniors of the Holy Light Galaxy losing to the black-robed man.

The black-robed man stood in the sky and gazed down loftily on everyone else, whereas the juniors of the Holy Light Clan all stood helplessly at the bottom of the mountain.

This stark contrast between the two made them feel very stifled inside.

Was this the difference that stood between their Holy Light Galaxy and the other galaxies?

Was their Holy Light Galaxy really that weak?

The elder generation was no match for the other galaxies, but now, even their younger generation was proving to be inadequate too?

One must know that the current generation of juniors could already be considered as the most outstanding batch in the past ten thousand years of the Holy Light Galaxy!

If even this generation was unable to prop the Holy Light Galaxy up, there would really be no hope at all!


It was then that thunderous rumble sounded inside the Storm Combat Dragon Ring. Dark clouds appeared out of nowhere and loomed over the dueling ring, casting streaks of lightning here and there.

Following that, a massive being dived out from the dark clouds.

It was the ice dragon who had fought together with the fire dragon earlier.

With the emergence of the ice dragon, even the black-robed man who still stood with imposing airs a moment ago seemed to be no more than a mere ant.

There was only one true powerful existence in the dueling ring at this very moment, and it was the ice dragon.

“Why would the ice dragon suddenly appear once more? Did it manage to triumph over the fire dragon? Or does it mean that the Storm Combat Dragon Ring is coming to an end?”

A commotion broke out amidst the crowd upon seeing the ice dragon. They were intrigued to know what its appearance symbolized.

In fact, even those from the Holy Light Clan looked taken aback by the current turn of affairs.

“You should thank this man for saving all of your lives.”

While everyone was still perplexed by the current turn of affairs, the ice dragon turned to the juniors around and began speaking.

Those words left the crowd feeling a little bewildered, but the ice dragon paid them no heed and continued speaking. 

“If not for him insisting on risking his life to save all of you, going to the extent of challenging my trial, I wouldn’t have bothered to show myself and save a group of useless individuals. All of you owe him your life.”

The crowd was starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The fire dragon was going to launch yet another breath of flames earlier, but the ice dragon descended and stopped him earlier.

Judging from the ice dragon’s words, it didn’t do it on its own volition. Instead, someone had accepted some sort of challenge, which compelled it to make a move.

But who could that person possibly be?


While everyone was still trying to figure out the identity of the mysterious individual, the ice dragon opened its mouth, and a person flitted out from within.

As soon as the person appeared before everyone’s view, the crowd froze up for a moment.

It was a familiar face—Chu Feng.

It was then that everyone came to a realization.

That explained why Chu Feng suddenly vanished. As it turned out, he discovered something deeper and headed elsewhere. Not only did he not die, but he even challenged the ice dragon’s trial and saved the other juniors’ lives!

It was due to him that the ice dragon would stop the fire dragon, thus sparing the surviving juniors from death.

With the truth finally out, everyone suddenly realized just how foolish they had been.

It was just a moment ago that they thought that Daoist Niantian had erred to have evaluated Chu Feng so highly, and there were even a few who mocked Chu Feng for dying without accomplishing anything on the Storm Combat Dragon Ring.

But in this very instant, they knew that Daoist Niantian was right all along. Chu Feng did possess capabilities far surpassing the others. Just the fact that he managed to stop the fire dragon and saved the other juniors was enough to show that!

One must know that this was a feat that not even the black-robed man had been able to pull off!

“I’m finally out!”

Meanwhile, Chu Feng heaved a long sigh of relief after walking out of the ice dragon’s mouth. Only he knew just how many turmoils he had been through in order to overcome the hellish trial from the ice dragon.

“Little benefactor, I knew that you can’t possibly be dead! It was indeed you who stopped the fire dragon and saved us all. As expected of my little benefactor, you’re a true hero!”

An excited shout suddenly sounded from the bottom of the mountain peak—Long Xiaoxiao.

She should have been so injured that even sitting up posed a problem to her, but as soon as she caught sight of Chu Feng, she immediately bounced back to her feet and pranced around excitedly. She didn’t look like a severely injured patient at all.

And after hearing Long Xiaoxiao’s voice, Chu Feng turned his gaze over with a smile on his lips.

He was going to greet Long Xiaoxiao, but in the instant that his eyes fell on her, the smile on his face immediately faded into coldness. His amicable eyes turned frighteningly scary.

He saw the gaping wound on Long Xiaoxiao’s shoulders!

“Xiaoxiao, who was the one who hurt you?” Chu Feng asked with a tone seething with fury.

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