Chapter 4570: A Disparity In Prowess

Chapter 4570: A Disparity In Prowess

It was impossible to see what was happening outside of the world inside the Storm Combat Dragon Ring. As such, the juniors within could only see a massive vortex forming in the midst of the clear sky, rattling the world.

Alarmed by this situation, they quickly took a closer look at the vortex, and they noticed a figure descending from it.

When the figure finally fully descended, the vortex quickly vanished from sight too.

However, the juniors at the bottom of the towering mountain were quite surprised when they saw that it was Shengguang Yu. Having lived in the Holy Light Galaxy their entire lives, there was no way they wouldn’t recognize him.

On the other hand, the black-robed man didn’t look surprised by Shengguang Yu’s arrival. Instead, a mocking smile crept onto his lips.

“Just you?” the black-robed man asked.

His voice sounded a little disappointed, as if he was certain that Shengguang Yu wouldn’t be a match for him.

“I’m more than enough to send you to the maker.”

Shengguang Yu was a person who was easily riled up. Faced with the contemptuous attitude from the black-robed man, an overwhelming killing intent gushed forth from him.

However, the black-robed only chuckled in response to Shengguang Yu’s killing intent.

“You? Forget it. You aren’t even a match for that lass. Don’t embarrass yourself and leave. Get someone stronger here to face me. Otherwise, it’ll be too late for regrets once I make a move!” the black-robed man told Shengguang Yu.

His words didn’t just anger Shengguang Yu. The other members of the Holy Light Clan also gritted their teeth in fury.

One must know that Shengguang Yu was here to represent their Holy Light Clan, but the black-robed man actually claimed that Shengguang Yu was beneath Long Xiaoxiao.

He was just denying Shengguang Yu here; he was denying the whole Holy Light Clan!

“Ignorant fool. You’ll pay the price for your ignorant words!”

Shengguang Yu was so furious that he didn’t want to waste his words with this black-robed man anymore. He charged straight at the black-robed man with a golden sword in hand.

The golden sword he wielded was a top-tier Incomplete Exalted Armament, and the prowess was further amplified through his swordsmanship.

One must know that Shengguang Yu was known throughout the Holy Light Galaxy for his ingenious swordsmanship.

Yet, the black-robed man showed no fear of Shengguang Yu. He brandished his spear and stepped forth to face off with Shengguang Yu’s offense.

Klang klang klang!

The sword and spear clashed with one another, causing sparks to fly all over the air.

Shengguang Yu’s reputation was indeed not unfounded. His sword was wild and unpredictable, making it a difficult foe to deal with.

However, the black-robed man’s spear was not to be underestimated as well. The force and speed it commanded were lethal.

The two weapons engaged in an intense clash of blows, making it hard to discern who had the upper hand.

The two of them appeared to actually be equally matched!

The crowd from the Holy Light Galaxy saw a glimmer of hope in Shengguang Yu. Perhaps, he might be able to defeat this black-robed man on their behalf and restore their dignity.

However, as time passed, the crowd began to panic.

The two of them were indeed equally matched at the start, but the tides of the battle seemed to be slowly siding toward the black-robed man.

Shengguang Yu seemed to be gradually losing momentum with every passing strike, such that his movements were getting more and more strained. This made it very clear that he was on the verge of losing.

Shengguang Xuanye, who had been watching the battle intently all this while, frowned at this sight.

Others might have been oblivious to it, but he knew that Shengguang Yu had just consumed an extremely potent forbidden medicine.

If Shengguang Yu was unable to defeat this black-robed man after consuming the forbidden medicine, it would mean that he wouldn’t even be a match for Long Xiaoxiao without the aid of the forbidden medicine, just like what the black-robed man said.

Meanwhile, in the dueling ring, Shengguang Yu realized that he wasn’t a match for the black-robed man in a direct clash of attacks, so he began to use his martial skills.

Rank one Exalted Taboo, rank two Exalted Taboo, rank three Exalted Taboo… 

Shengguang Yu executed powerful martial skills one after another through the sword he had in hand, but he was still unable to break the dominance of the black-robed man.

And what was even more shocking was that from the start to the end, the black-robed man hadn’t used even a single martial skill at all. With his combat skills and an Incomplete Exalted Armament in hand, he was still able to suppress Shengguang Yu’s rank three Exalted Taboo Martial Skill!

Everyone realized that they were still underestimating this black-robed man. The latter’s fighting prowess was way beyond their imagination!

Be it against the previous Long Xiaoxiao or the current Shengguang Yu, it was obvious that the black-robed man wasn’t at the same level at all!

From the very start, the appearance that they were equally matched was just a false impression created by the black-robed man.

Once the black-robed man got serious, neither Long Xiaoxiao nor Shengguang Yu was a match for him at all.

“Rank four Exalted Taboo, Holy Light Sword Stance!”

All of a sudden, the sword in Shengguang Yu’s sword darted forth as blinding radiance burst forth from his blade, forming sword rays that extended over tens of meters.

In the blink of an eye, the black-robed man was bombarded with countless sword rays.

This was one of the heritage martial skills of the Holy Light Clan, Holy Light Sword Stance.

This martial skill was known to command overwhelming offensive prowess, and Shengguang Yu, who specialized in swordsmanship, had long thoroughly mastered this martial skill.

Under normal circumstances, after Shengguang Yu launched his trump card, he should have charged forth to further pressure his opponent so as to turn the battle around.

However, Shengguang Yu did the complete opposite. After executing the martial skill, he actually began backing off.

At the same time, he formed hand seals with his spare hand, and light shimmered from the talisman he had embedded inside his palm.

He was intending to escape!

Knowing that he wasn’t a match for the black-robed man, he decided to flee from the area.


But just as Shengguang Yu was about to leave the dueling ring, a black blade burst through the rain of shimmering sword rays. It rushed toward Shengguang Yu with such tremendous speed that he didn’t even have the time to dodge it.

By the time he finally came to, blood had already spurted all around the air. His arm had been severed off cleanly.

And it was the arm that had the Escape Talisman embedded in it.

In other words, Shengguang Yu’s attempt to escape had been foiled.

“Why are you trying to flee? Are you afraid that I’ll kill you?”

The voice of the black-robed man sounded once more.

Following that, the black-robed man walked out from the barrage of shimmering sword rays. There was a thin, white barrier around him that looked as if it would break easily on impact, but astonishingly, it was perfectly warding off all of the sword rays that Shengguang Yu had directed toward him.

In fact, even as he stepped forward, the sword rays could do nothing to stop his advancement.

Facing such an unstoppable enemy, Shengguang Yu’s body began to tremble in deep fear.

“What do you intend to do? I am the young master of the Holy Light Clan. My father is the vice hall master of the Law Enforcement Hall. My grandfather is the Holy Light Clan’s Clan Chief! If you dare to hurt me, you’ll never be able to walk out of this place alive!!!” Shengguang Yu shouted at the black-robed man.

When he realized that he wasn’t a match for his opponent, just like the other juniors, he could only bring out his background to buff up his stance.

And this move was usually extremely effective too. After all, who would dare to disrespect the Holy Light Clan in the Holy Light Galaxy?

But it seemed to have backfired this time around.

Faced with Shengguang Yu’s warning, the black-robed man burst into laughter. His tone was so overflowing with disdain that it sounded deeply jarring.

“I kept you because I wanted to have a chat with you. However, you made the grave mistake of threatening me. Those who dared to threaten me never end up well.”

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