Chapter 4569: Represent the Galaxy In a Battle

Chapter 4569: Represent the Galaxy In a Battle

“Something is amiss here. Since the victor has already been decided, the dueling ring should have already opened up by now. Could it be because the juniors didn’t use the Dragon Taming Talisman that resulted in such a situation?”

The elders of the Holy Light Clan began discussing amongst themselves.

It had been years since they gained control of the Storm Combat Dragon Ring, and they had sent their juniors in multiple times in hopes of obtaining the martial skills of the Rampaging Storm Clan.

In fact, their understanding of the Storm Combat Dragon Ring went beyond just scratching the surface.

This was also why Shengguang Xuanye was so certain that all of the juniors who could no longer be seen on the dueling ring had already died.

Yet, the current situation still caught all of them off-guard.

This was a problem that they had never encountered before, and they weren’t sure what was wrong.

“Grandpa, let me enter the dueling ring,” Shengguang Yu walked over to Shengguang Xuanye’s side and said through voice transmission.

“Little Yu, I don’t fear letting the others know the extent of control we have over the Storm Combat Dragon Ring, but I’m worried that the black-robed man might go too far and hurt you. We have no way of protecting you if you were to enter the dueling ring. Are you absolutely confident of defeating him?” Shengguang XUanye asked.

“Grandpa, don’t worry. I won’t let you down,” Shengguang Yu promised.

“As a junior of the Holy Light Clan, you should indeed step forward at a time like this. Alright, go ahead then. However, don’t push yourself too far. If the situation turns awry, turn back and return right away.

“It’s fine if you lose, but make sure that you return alive, you hear me?” 

As Shengguang Xuanye spoke, he took out a talisman from his Cosmos Sack and passed it over to Shengguang Yu.

Shengugang Yu took the talisman before forming a series of hand seals. Astonishingly, the talisman actually fused into his hand, forming a tattoo on his palm.

This was the Escape Talisman that he could use inside the Storm Combat Dragon Ring to escape from the area.

But right after fusing the Escape Talisman into his palm, Shengguang Yu’s pupils suddenly dilated a little.

He looked at his palm once more and saw a dark red pill sitting right there. His grandfather had passed him this pill when handing the Escape Talisman to him earlier.

As a member of the Holy Light Galaxy, how could Shengguang Yu possibly not know what the dark red pill was?

It was a special forbidden medicine that could raise one’s fighting prowess, and its effects were known to last fairly long.

Its consumption method was also rather special too. Normal forbidden medicine had to be consumed through the mouth, but this pill only had to be crushed for it to be absorbed into one’s body.

It would be hard for anyone to notice the difference if one were to consume the pill ahead of time, thus preserving one’s reputation.

However, forbidden medicines were dubbed as such due to the side effects they bring about for their temporary gains. Even the valuable forbidden medicine that was in Shengguang Yu’s hand was the same too.

What was awaiting him when the effects of the forbidden medicine finally receded was unbearable pain.

Despite so, Shengguang Yu still unhesitatingly crushed that forbidden medicine, causing great strength to quickly surge into his body.

On the surface, it would appear that there was nothing amiss with him, but in truth, his fighting prowess had already grown by leaps and bounds.

“Grandfather, don’t worry. I’ll not let you down!” Shengguang Yu clasped his fist toward Shenggugnag Xuanyu as he said.

He understood his grandfather’s sentiments. If they were going to make a move, they had to make sure to win. Otherwise, it wasn’t just Shengguang Yu who was going to be embarrassed but the entire Holy Light Clan. It was in view of this that his grandfather gave him the forbidden medicine.

Shengguang Xanye nodded slightly before rising to his feet.

As the strongest expert of the Holy Light Galaxy, there were constantly people looking at his movements. As soon as he rose to his feet, everyone immediately turned their gazes toward him.

The commotion swiftly died down as everyone implicitly understood that Shengguang Xuanye was going to address them.

“Everyone, this tournament is held solely for the juniors of our Holy Light Clan. The motive behind this is to uncover the most outstanding juniors in our galaxy and protect them. These are the people who will, one day, become the pillars supporting our Holy Light Galaxy.

“The juniors of our Holy Light Clan has abstained from joining the tournament in order to give other juniors a better chance to showcase their prowess. However, since a junior from another galaxy has come here to cause trouble, that changes the nature of the matter.

“I hereby declare the rankings of the tournament.

“In first place, Long Xiaoxiao from the Dragon Clan.

“In second place, Yu Lie from the Yu Heavenly Clan.

“In third place, Yin Daifen from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect.

“In fourth place, Fu Feiyue from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect.

“In fifth place, Yu Hong from the Yu Heavenly Clan.

“In sixth place, Yu Yin from the Yu Heavenly Clan.

“In seventh place, Bao Yue from the Monstrous Herd Temple.

“In eighth place, Kui Wudi from the Monstrous Herd Temple.

“In ninth place, Jiang Changkong from the Windmounting Sect.

“In tenth place, Yin Buyu from the Yin Clan Manor.”

The rankings that Shengguang Xuanye had just announced was the one determined through the duels earlier, just that the black-robed man was intentionally left out.

Everyone had watched the duel earlier, so the results were clear enough even if Shengguangg Xuanye didn’t announce it. Nevertheless, the announcement formalized the results.

“As for that outsider, he isn’t a member of our Holy Light Clan, so he doesn’t have the qualification to participate in our tournament. No matter how powerful he is, his results won’t be recognized, and he won’t be awarded the rewards either.

“Our Holy Light Clan could have been merciful to just let him off with just the erasure of his results, but he has pushed the limits too far, having insulted the juniors of our Holy Light Galaxy brazenly. He has shown an utter lack of regard for our Holy Light Galaxy.

“If we don’t punish him, he’ll surely act even more arrogantly in the future. It’ll also make the others think that we, from the Holy Light Galaxy, are pushovers. Thus, I hereby declare the conclusion of the tournament, and I’ll be dispatching a junior from our Holy Light Clan, Shengguang Yu, to teach that arrogant man a lesson!”

After saying those words, Shengguang Xuanye turned to Shengguang Yu and asked, “Little Yu, are you ready?”

“Yes, grandfather, I can’t wait to lay my hands on that arrogant bastard!” Shengguang Yu clasped his fist as he spoke with great resolve.

“That’s good…” 

Shengguang Xuanye nodded in approval before shooting an eye at the elder behind him.

The elder quickly led another seventeen other elders forward, and every single one of them swiftly took out a treasure each.

As soon as the treasure appeared, the eyes of the crowd lit up in excitement.

The treasures were basically eighteen metal parts that looked identical to one another, but what was special about them was that the aura they emanated was similar to that of the Storm Combat Dragon Ring.

It was clear that these treasures had something to do with the Storm Combat Dragon Ring, possibly a treasure left behind by the Rampaging Storm Clan.


As everyone had expected, the eighteen elders quickly formed a formation using the treasures they had in hand.

After the formation was finally formed, it emanated a sharp ray of light that pierced right into the Storm Combat Dragon Ring.

The barrier around the Storm Combat Dragon Ring began to warp under the intensity of the ray of light, causing the formation to slowly open up. It was apparent that the formation that the elders had set up was able to synergize with the Storm Combat Dragon Ring to influence it.

This was more than enough to tell everyone just how Shengguang Yu was going to enter the Storm Combat Dragon Ring.

While the crowd knew that the Storm Combat Dragon Ring was already under the Holy Light Clan’s possession, they didn’t think that the Holy Light Clan would be able to tamper with it to such an extent.

They were actually able to disregard the barrier altogether and send their junior right in.

However, that was no longer important anymore. What the crowd wanted to see right now was just Shengguang Yu teaching the black-robed man a lesson.

As soon as the formations fused together with one another, Shengguang Yu unhesitatingly whipped out a golden sword and stepped into the formation constructed by the elders. Following the ray of light, he dived straight toward the mountain peak inside the Storm Combat Dragon Ring!

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