Chapter 4568: A Challenger From the Outside

Chapter 4568: A Challenger From the Outside

“Why is that darned lass so irrational?”

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief was so nervous that cold sweat was pouring down from his head. He shot a look at the Holy Light Clan through his peripheral vision. Even though he was trying his best to conceal his emotions, he couldn’t hide the fear that was reflected in his eyes.

All this while, he had been doing all he could to hide the fact that Long Xiaoxiao had managed to obtain the Dragon Vein Source. He knew that if the Holy Light Clan were to learn of this matter, they would view Long Xiaoxiao as a threat and make a move on the Dragon Clan.

Fortunately, Long Xiaoxiao had been very obedient thus far, and she also did her best to conceal the Dragon Vein Source too. Even in the face of danger, she never revealed it.

Yet, she was actually displaying it right before the Holy Light Clan at this very moment! That was as good as pushing the entire Dragon Clan toward the brink of destruction!

“That lass is actually this powerful!”

In contrast to the worried Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, the other onlookers were amazed to see the dragon horns on Long Xiaoxiao’s head. 

Shengguang Yu began to look at Long Xiaoxiao in a different light.

Even the arrogant black-robed man had changed his view of Long Xiaoxiao too.

“Interesting. Truly interesting. I never thought that you had kept such a hand in you. To be able to use your bloodline ability to raise your cultivation level by two ranks, you are much more formidable than I thought. 

“Also, this aura that you’re emanating… Are you a descendant of the dragons? Now this is what I call a duel!” the black-robed man remarked excitedly.

“Cut the crap. I’m going to slaughter you!”

However, Long Xiaoxiao was in no mood to converse with this black-robed man. With the aura of a true dragon shrouding her body, her fighting prowess rose by leaps and bounds.

Even her movements were enough to shatter the space around her.

Faced with such a Long Xiaoxiao, the black-robed man dared not let down his guard at all. Black marks began appearing all over his body, and black aura began creeping out from him. Along with these changes, his cultivation rose all the way up to rank nine Utmost Exalted level as well.

Just as everyone has expected, this black-robed man did have the means to raise his cultivation level too.

It was just that the black-robed man’s means looked a little eerie, such that it was hard to discern whether it was his bloodline ability or some sort of special skill.

As he raised his cultivation, the black-robed man also whipped out a black spear. It was a high-quality Incomplete Exalted Armament.

While he was preparing for battle, Long Xiaoxiao had already arrived in his proximity.

Boom boom boom boom!

A series of sonic booms sounded in the air as the two people began clashing with one another.

This time around, the shockwaves they produced were far stronger than before. It was a battle on a whole new level, and even the onlookers could sense just how intense it was.

“I didn’t expect the princess of the Dragon Clan was actually hiding such a hand. Daoist Niantian’s predictions are really not to be underestimated!”

“Chu Feng was a disappointment, but Long Xiaoxiao has really surprised all of us this time around. I reckon that Chu Feng wouldn’t have been a match for Long Xiaoxiao even if he was still alive.”

“You’re speaking the obvious. How could Chu Feng possibly be a match for Long XIaoxiao?”

“Long Xiaoxiao is really too powerful! Even if that Chu Feng has some special means up his sleeves, I can’t imagine that there’s anything he could do to surpass her.”

Everyone was filled with compliments for Long XIaoxiao’s performance.

The black-robed man had raised his cultivation and whipped out his Incomplete Exalted Armament too, but the two of them were still equally matched with one another.

Through this, it was apparent just how powerful Long Xiaoxiao truly was. In fact, there were many people who felt that Long Xiaoxiao could defeat the black-robed man.

It was just that barely after such a thought formulated in everyone’s mind, the seemingly equal fight suddenly tilted toward the black-robed man’s favor. The black-robed man’s attacks suddenly became much sharper and more aggressive, heaping great pressure upon Long Xiaoxiao.

A short while later, a streak of cold light flashed across the sky, and blood spurted all over the air.

Long XIaoxiao’s left shoulder was impaled by the black-robed man’s black spear.

“Like I told you, little lass. If I make a move, I won’t stop until I see blood. You shouldn’t blame me when you’re the one asking for it.”

Right after saying those words, the black-robed man flung his spear in a sweeping trajectory. It was such a fast movement that a resounding explosion sounded in the wake of his movements.

Long Xiaoxiao was slammed heavily against the mountain peak.

“Damn it!”

Even though Long Xiaoxiao had a bloodied hole punctured into her left shoulder, she had no intention of backing down. Instead, she got back up to continue the fight.


But just as she was about to stand up, the power of the formation suddenly shrouded her body and forcefully teleported her down to the bottom of the mountain.

As a result of that, the excited crowd suddenly fell silent.

Everyone knew that it was the doing of the Storm Combat Dragon Ring.

The victor of the battle had already been decided.

The strongest junior of the Holy Light Clan had already emerged.

“Damn it!”

Despite being teleported to the bottom of the mountain, Long Xiaoxiao still looked toward the peak of the mountain with indignance on her face. She made it very clear that she was unwilling to accept this situation.

However, she had no choice but to give up this once. She couldn’t scale the mountain once more.


But in the next moment, blood spurted from her mouth before she began coughing violently. With every single cough, she would spew out a bit of blood.

Soon, she was weakened to the point where she couldn’t even remain standing anymore.

Seeing this situation, Yu Lie, Yin Daifen, and the others quickly rushed forward to treat her.

Even though they had been eliminated and were bound to remain at the bottom of the mountain, they were still able to see everything that was happening at the mountain peak clearly.

They knew that Long Xiaoxiao had been severely injured by that black-robed man.

However, when they began trying to treat Long Xiaoxiao, they realized that her condition was worse than they had expected. The injury she had sustained on her shoulder wouldn’t close up.

As it turned out, the black-robed man had dealt crushing damage not just to Long Xiaoxiao’s body but her soul too.

“Isn’t that fellow too vicious? Does he really need to go that far against a young lady?”

“What the hell? Do you even call yourself a human?”

Many of the juniors began criticizing the black-robed man for his actions.

The fiery-tempered Bao Yue and Kui Wudi even turned to the black-robed man in the air and berated him.

However, the black-robed man didn’t pay any of them any heed. Instead, he descended from the sky and landed back down on the mountain peak. 

He raised his head and looked up to the sky.

It was a simple action, but it made the onlookers outside widen their eyes a little.

It might have just been a coincidence, but the direction which the black-robed man was looking at just happened to be where the Holy Light Clan was stationed.

Despite being trapped inside the dueling ring, it looked almost as if he knew what was happening outside.

“I’ll be frank over here, I’m not from the Holy Light Galaxy. The only reason why I’m here is to prove a fact, and that’s that all of you are too weak. It’s not that I want to look down on all of you, but if you were to just reverse my name around, I think that there’s no better evaluation of all of you here other than that.”

The black-robed man spoke with a look of contempt on his face.

His words immediately brought forth a huge uproar from the crowd.

He wasn’t from the Holy Light Galaxy, yet he dared to insult everyone from the Holy Light Galaxy through his name and speech.

And he actually said those words right to the face of the Holy Light Clan.

He was blatantly taunting the whole of the Holy Light Galaxy!

Countless eyes all around immediately turned to the Holy Light Clan. They felt that there was no way the overlord of the Holy Light Galaxy would let this matter go this easily.

They were hoping that the Holy Light Clan could send one of their people forth to teach the black-robed man a lesson so as to bulk up the Holy Light Galaxy’s name.

However, it just so happened that the black-robed man was a junior, so even if the Holy Light Clan were to send one of their experts in to curb him, they would just be looked upon in scorn for bullying a junior.

The best way to go about doing it was to have one of the juniors of the Holy Light Clan defeat the black-robed man in a fair duel. This way, the black-robed man wouldn’t be able to say anything either.

And the only one who stood a chance against the black-robed man at the moment was Shengguang Yu.

Due to that, many of the gazes gathered onto Shengguang Yu.

“What an arrogant fellow. I’ll teach him a lesson once he gets out of there!”

Feeling the weight of everyone’s expectations, Shengguang Yu also resolved himself for a duel against the black-robed man.

Meanwhile, the black-robed man continued looking at the Holy Light Clan with a confident smile hanging on his lips. It looked as if he was waiting for the Holy Light Clan to send their strongest juniors at him.

The onlookers were also looking forward to the same too. 

As such, they began to turn their sights toward the Storm Combat Dragon Ring, wanting to see when the barrier would disappear. As soon as the barrier disappeared, Shengguang Yu would be able to face the black-robed man in a fight.

Time ticked by, and two hours passed in a flash. However, the Storm Combat Dragon Ring remained completely intact, and it didn’t look like the formation was going to collapse at any moment.

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