Chapter 4567: The Enraged Long Xiaoxiao

Chapter 4567: The Enraged Long Xiaoxiao

From the moment the black-robed man revealed his rank eight Utmost Exalted level cultivation, everyone from the Dragon Clan couldn’t help but feel worried for Long Xiaoxiao.

Prodigies of their caliber were often able to use their bloodline ability of Divine Power to raise their cultivation by one tier.

Considering that Long Xiaoxiao’s cultivation was only at rank seven Utmost Exalted level, it was clear that she wasn’t a match for the black-robed man.

“He’s actually at rank eight Utmost Exalted level?”

Even those from the Holy Light Clan couldn’t help but view the black-robed man in a different light.

This was especially so for Shengguang Yu. His complexion turned ugly upon the revelation.

He was initially looking upon those participating in the tournament with eyes filled with scorn, feeling a smug sense of superiority over them.

In his view, this was nothing more than a show. No matter who claimed the title of the strongest junior, they would still be beneath him.

Yet, amongst those ants who were fighting for ‘supremacy’, one of them was actually at the same cultivation level as him. This changed the very nature of the tournament to him.

“Lass, do you know the gap between us now? You and I, we have never been on the same level before.”

On the peak of the towering mountain, the black-robed man looked at Long Xiaoxiao with a look of confidence.

“You sure talk a lot of crap.”


To everyone’s surprise, Long Xiaoxiao brandished her weapon and charged straight at the black-robed man.


Seeing this, the black-robed man sneered to himself as he stepped forward to face off with Long Xiaoxiao.

Shockwaves rippled from their clashes as they pitted their martial skills against one another.

Surprisingly, it appeared as if they were equally matched.

However, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief and the others felt even more unease after seeing this scene. In fact, there were even some who had already decided in their minds that Long Xiaoxiao was bound to lose the battle.

The attacks that Long Xiaoxiao threw out were extremely vicious, as if the black-robed man was a mortal enemy that she had to kill at all cost.

This was the first time Long Xiaoxiao had used such cruel moves ever since the battle she had previously on another mountain peak.

But despite her efforts, she was unable to hurt the black-robed man at all.

On the other hand, the black-robed man appeared to be dealing with Long Xiaoxiao’s attacks with ease. While he didn’t manage to claim an advantageous position in the battle, it looked like he was still holding back a fair bit.

Furthermore, Long Xiaoxiao had been using her Incomplete Exalted Armament right from the start, but the black-robed man hadn’t revealed his weapon at all.

If the black-robed man were to bring forth his weapon, there was a good chance that the duel might have already concluded by now.

“Lass, hurry up and show me what you got. I’m starting to lose patience here.”

In the midst of the fight, the black-robed man actually began to insult Long Xiaoxiao.

However, a shocking sight occurred thereafter. Despite being insulted, Long Xiaoxiao didn’t lose her rationality. Instead, she retracted her weapon and retreated from the battle.

“Teleport me down. I admit defeat,” Long Xiaoxiao said.

She was actually surrendering!

Despite so, the crowd was filled with compliments for her.

It was wise for a person to not allow her own actions to be dominated by her feelings. This only showed that Long Xiaoxiao was a person with great self-control. She knew what she could cope with, and she acted within the limits of her prowess.

She first tried out the black-robed man strength for herself to see if she stood a chance at winning the battle, and after realizing that she wasn’t a match for the latter, she backed off and surrendered from the duel.

Such decisiveness was impressive for someone as young as Long Xiaoxiao.

“Ey, how boring.”

Seeing that Long Xiaoxiao had admitted defeat, the black-robed man also didn’t push any further. However, he shook his head in disappointment and began lamenting.

“I thought that man called Chu Feng could have at least given me a surprise, but to think that he would be so useless as to get killed by the fire dragon’s attack. I must say that it’s really a huge disappointment.”

However, that unintentional comment from him made Long Xiaoxiao’s face turn livid.

“Who did you say was useless?”

Long Xiaoxiao looked at the black-robed man with anger flickering in her eyes. Murderous intent was pouring forth from her.

Everyone was surprised by the abrupt response from Long Xiaoxiao, including the black-robed man himself.

“I was just saying that Chu Feng is useless. What are you getting so agitated for?” the black-robed man replied.

“You are the one who is useless. Your entire family is useless! A trash like you actually thinks that you can match him? Hah, take a look at yourself in the mirror. Are you worthy of it?” Long Xiaoxiao berated furiously.

“Ohh, I get it now. Chu Feng must be your lover, right? Hahaha, it’s no wonder why you’re so agitated. But lass, I must say that that man really isn’t worthy of you. He couldn’t even make it to this mountain. It’s not worth it for you to offend me over such a man,” the black-robed man replied.

“You don’t know him. You don’t have any rights to judge him! If even you are able to overcome that fire dragon’s attacks, he would surely be able to do so too! He must have noticed something that we didn’t and headed elsewhere. There’s no way he could have possibly died to that fire dragon!” Long Xiaoxiao declared confidently.

She, along with many other juniors, had long noticed that Chu Feng didn’t manage to reach the mountain peak. The other juniors thought that Chu Feng had failed since he wasn’t around, but she had a very different view to that matter.

She was confident that Chu Feng was still around, just that he had uncovered some sort of hidden secret and headed over to a different place.

“Hahaha, it’s no wonder they say that love is blind! Are you trying to say that he managed to find the martial skill left behind by the Rampaging Storm Clan? 

“Let me tell you this! The world of cultivators is a place where the winner takes it all! We speak with our strength, not with words. I am the one who’s standing here right now, not that trash you keep speaking of!” the black-robed man sneered in disdain.

“How dare you offend my benefactor in such a manner! I’ll take your life!” Long Xiaoxiao finally couldn’t stand it anymore and flew into a state of rage.

Her oppressive might gushed forth as her cultivation began to rise.

She was initially at rank seven Utmost Exalted level, but through her bloodline ability, she was able to raise it up to rank eight Utmost Exalted level.

However, to everyone’s shock, her cultivation actually continued to soar beyond that to reach rank nine Utmost Exalted level.

“That is…?!”

The crowd was shocked when they saw how far Long Xiaoxaio’s cultivation had risen.

Even the strongest expert of the Holy Light Clan, Shengguang Xuanye, narrowed his eyes slightly.

On top of the rise in Long XIaoxiao’s cultivation, two branches of light had also risen from the top of her head. These branches of light shared a similar domineering aura to the fire dragon and ice dragon, and they emanated an air of divinity.

Dragon horns!

“This is bad!”

Upon seeing the dragon horns on Long Xiaoxiao’s head, the face of the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief warped in horror. He knew right away that things had gone bad!

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