Chapter 4566: The Arrogant Black-robed Man

Chapter 4566: The Arrogant Black-robed Man

Rank six Exalted Taboo, Exalted Taboo Wind Dragon Roar.

This is a skill that our founder, Fengbao Zhantian, comprehended through analyzing the attack patterns of a wind dragon. It’s the strongest rank six Exalted Taboo Martial Skill of our clan.


This was the introduction that Chu Feng received regarding the martial skill.

It was just two short lines, but it was more than enough to reveal to him just how extraordinary this technique was.

“A martial skill that he comprehended in a fight with a wind dragon. It looks like the founder of the Rampaging Storm Clan is no ordinary person.”

Having fully mastered the skill, Chu Feng had a clear idea just how powerful the martial skill was.

Even though he had managed to clear this trial, he didn’t dare to get careless. He quickly rushed to the other end of the world, where the spirit formation gate was.

But right before passing through the spirit formation gate, he stopped and took a look behind him contemplatively.

“Is this really all over? What is the voice that I heard when I first entered?”

Chu Feng couldn’t help but feel that everything felt a little fantastical. It was just a moment ago that this space was filled with such roaring dangers that the current silence actually felt deafening.

It would seem like everything had finally come to an end, but there were some mysteries that were unsolved here. For one, there was a voice that shouted ‘rank six Utmost Exalted level’ when he first entered this space. 

Other than that, he felt that it was too much of a coincidence for the martial skill here to actually be a rank six Exalted Taboo Martial Skill. It almost felt like it was tailored to his needs.

“I get it now!”

Chu Feng suddenly smacked his palm in realization.

“The mystical energy I felt after entering the world must have been to discern my current level of cultivation, which was later then announced by that voice. It turns out that this space would offer a martial skill that corresponds to the cultivator’s current level of cultivation. The difficulty of the trial will also change according to the tier of the martial skill obtained. 

“But given my current cultivation level of rank six Utmost Exalted level, I should have been deemed to be suited for a rank five Exalted Taboo Martial Skill instead of a rank six Exalted Taboo… 

“It looks like it’s the intentional design of the Rampaging Storm Clan. The trial is intended to be at a level higher than the challenger’s strength. Only then would it pose some difficulty to the challenger.”

Chu Feng thought.

If the truth was really as Chu Feng thought, it would mean that there were more than one martial skill hidden in this place. 

To put it in other words, if he were to come here not as an Utmost Exalted level cultivator but a Martial Exalted level cultivator, wouldn’t he be able to obtain an even more formidable martial skill?

“Forget it, I should be content with what I have.”

Chu Feng knew that there was no use regretting it. Rather than to feel frustrated about it here, he might as well devote the effort to searching for other opportunities out there.

So, he turned his gaze away from the world behind him to head toward the spirit formation gate.

But in the moment that Chu Feng passed through the spirit formation gate, he realized that he had misjudged the trial.

It wasn’t that easy to leave this space after all… 


While Chu Feng was putting his life on the line to leave the space inside the ice dragon’s mouth, the trial outside was still ongoing… 

The clouds that shrouded the Storm Combat Dragon Ring had dissipated, revealing the world before everyone’s eyes once more.

The juniors had all gathered at the bottom of the towering mountain at the center. Most of them were wounded, and some of those who suffered even heavier burns even passed away from their injuries. It looked as if they had just been through a bitter fight.

There were three silhouettes at the peak of the towering mountain.

They were Yu Lie, Long Xiaoxiao, and the black-robed man who had provoked Chu Feng earlier.

Ever since the ice dragon and fire dragon were pulled away from this land by the black tornado, the juniors didn’t encounter any other threats along the way. As such, all of them managed to safely reach their destination.

After scaling to the top of the mountain, the juniors began dueling with one another. Those who had lost in the battle would be forcefully teleported from the peak to the bottom of the mountain.

And just earlier, Yu Lie and Long Xiaoxiao were engaged in a fight with one another.

“Miss Long, it looks like I’m still lacking.”

Yu Lie clasped his fist toward Long Xiaoxiao.

Following that, a formation swiftly formed around him and teleported him back to the bottom of the mountain, where the other defeated juniors were.

With Yu Lie’s departure from the mountain peak, astonished gasps sounded all around, be it from the juniors within the dueling ring or the onlookers outside the dueling ring.

They had known that Long Xiaoxiao was no ordinary cultivator, but they didn’t think that she would actually be able to triumph against a prodigy of Yu Lie’s caliber.

If Long Xiaoxiao could defeat that black-robed man as well, she would be crowned the strongest junior of the tournament.

It was just that there was a huge obstacle standing in her way at the moment.

It was actually not Long Xiaoxiao but the black-robed man who managed to reach the mountain peak first. At this point, everyone had already figured out that this black-robed man was the fellow with the weird name of ‘Wufeishijiedenger’.

Initially, everyone was still wondering if they had somehow left out some prodigy in the Holy Light Galaxy. However, when they finally caught a glimpse of the black-robed man’s appearance, they were certain that they really didn’t recognize this person.

There was definitely something amiss about this.

It was one thing if he was little-known, but there was not a single person amongst the onlooker who actually knew who he was!

In the end, the crowd could only attribute it to him being the disciple of a secluded expert or a hermit. It might have been because he devoted all of his time to cultivation that no one recognized him.

In any case, regardless of what his true identity was, his name was destined to leave its mark on the Holy Light Galaxy, just like Long Xiaoxiao’s. Even if he were to lose this fight, there was no one who would dare to look down on him anymore.

That being said, the crowd still hoped that Long Xiaoxiao could defeat the black-robed man. It was for no other reason than the black-robed man being too arrogant.

As the first one to have reached the mountain peak, he was given the privilege to advance straight into the final round. Due to that, he could do whatever he liked until it was time for the final round.

Despite so, anyone else in his place would have surely stayed around to watch the duels.

However, the black-robed man, after learning of the rules, immediately floated himself in mid-air and started dozing off. His attitude showed just how little he thought of the other juniors.

In fact, there were even some who managed to decipher out a deeper meaning behind the black-robed man’s name,


This name sounded like a huge mess, but it surprisingly made sense when one tried to read it the other way around.


This was obviously a homonym of all of you are all trash’!

If he had really intentionally chosen this name, his action would be as good as insulting all of the juniors present. 

And judging from the attitude he had shown so far, the chances of it being intentional was extremely high.

All of this put together made the black-robed man extremely disliked by the crowd.

Even if the black-robed man was truly talented, it wasn’t necessarily a good thing to allow him to mature, especially considering his character.

As such, everyone hoped that Long Xiaoxiao could defeat him.

“You’re next.”

After Yu Lie left the mountain peak, Long Xiaoxiao finally turned her gaze toward the black-robed man.


The black-robed man first let loose a deep yawn and stretched his back lazily before he finally turned his head over to look at Long Xiaoxiao.

“Oh hoh, it looks like you aren’t that bad after all, little lass. I didn’t think that you would last till the end,” the black-robed man remarked in surprise.

“You can admit defeat if you’re frightened,” Long Xiaoxiao replied with a hostile tone.

From the first moment she caught sight of this black-robed man, she had already put him in her blacklist.

“Admit defeat? Hahaha…”

Long Xiaoxiao’s words made the black-robed man burst into frenzied laughter. He continued laughing for a very long time before he finally calmed down once more to look at Long Xiaoxiao.

“Lass, you’re only at rank seven Utmost Exalted level. Even if you raise your cultivation using your bloodline ability, you would only be at rank eight Utmost Exalted level. You aren’t a match for me at all.

“Also, just some words of advice, I’m not the kind of person to go easy on my women. If you think that I’ll go easy on you just because you have a pretty face, you can’t be more mistaken. Once I make a move, I won’t stop until I see blood.

“So, I advise you to just surrender early and spare yourself some agony!”

The black-robed man said as he rose to his feet.


Great power flowed out from his body, causing the surrounding air to tremor.

It was his oppressive might!

It swiftly engulfed the surroundings, such that even the juniors at the bottom of the mountain could sense his cultivation.

He was a rank eight Utmost Exalted level cultivator!

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